I’m just not personally a huge fan of these flat breads. Everything You Need to Know About Eating Bread When You Want to Lose Weight. 1 Smartpoint. Find it on Amazon, Walmart, or your local grocery story. And several studies have shown that diets high in whole grains are associated with lower body weight. They are soft and wrap well or can be baked until crispy. But there are some rules of thumb: Look for whole-wheat bread. Sandwich thins are a thinner version of a traditional favorite and most are around 100 calories. Weight Watchers is essentially a low calorie diet, so when looking for bread keep an eye on calories per serving. While there isn’t one best bread for weight loss, some good choices are light breads (like Pepperidge Farm and Sara Lee light breads), high fiber tortillas, bread made from 2 ingredient dough, and 647 bread. Bakers are often proud to discuss their product and will be more than happy to tout high-quality ingredients. I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Bagel, 1 large – 11 points French baguette bread – 5 points per piece. Aunt Millies 35 Calorie, Honey Light 100% whole wheat. Focus on whole grains to give you more fiber and avoid sugar crashes. If you (or your kids) don’t like the hearty taste of whole-grain breads, this option uses a type of grain that's not only lighter in color but also milder in flavor. Light breads aren’t going to be very hardy to eat on their own (compared to say, a thick slice of French bread slathered in butter) but they aren’t bad on a sandwich or for toast to go with your morning scrambled eggs. With that in mind, here’s a guide to navigating your bread options, starting with the basics: Whole grains have multiple health benefits: According to the USDA, people who consume at least three servings of whole grains each day are at lower risk for diabetes and heart disease. These are the fats that can increase your risk for heart disease, and because none of them are essential in bread-baking, they should be easy to dodge. Most high fiber tortillas are 1-2 points each on MyWW Green, Blue, and Purple. The best place to begin is the ingredient list, where primary ingredients are listed in order of quantity from most to least. Other brands of light bread include Aunt Millie’s 35 calorie, Country Kitchen Light, Healthy Life, Nature’s Harvest, Nature’s Own and Wonder Light. Check out our list below of the top 7 breads for Weight Watchers members. A light hamburger bun with a turkey burger or a light hot dog bun with a turkey dog make a quick go-to meal to keep on hand. Village Hearth Light Italian Bread. Dave’s Killer bread is a bit higher in points at 2 points per slice, but if you enjoy bread that is hearty and full of crunchy delicious stuff, this is the bread for you. Schmidt Old Tyme White Bread. For WW members, I encourage caution here because many low carb breads are made with almond flour which is actually higher in points than breads made with regular recipes. Home » Recipes » Weight Watchers & MyWW Green, Blue, and Purple » 7 Best Weight Watchers Breads, Posted by Sara | Nov 17, 2020 | Weight Watchers & MyWW Green, Blue, and Purple | 0. When you’re reading the label, steer clear of breads made with "white flour," "enriched white flour" or "wheat flour." I try to steer clear of empty carbs such as potato chips, white bread, and baked treats. What bread is best for Weight Watchers? I’m currently maintaining a 100 pound weight loss with WW and I eat bread, rice, potatoes, and other carbohydrates. Sara Lee Delightful Hamburger Buns  – These are great for a lean hamburger or turkey burger. Share in the comments below. Weight Watchers Apple Crisp Recipe – Low point apple crisp that’s easy to make and tastes amazing. Joseph’s Lavash and Pitas are 1-2 points each on WW Green, Blue, and Purple. 647 Bread comes in white, wheat, Italian, and buns are also available. Mostly I’m a real wife and super real mom. Here are some points for bread types on the program. These points are for MyWW Green, Blue, and Purple. While there isn’t one best bread for weight loss, some good choices are light breads (like Pepperidge Farm and Sara Lee light breads), high fiber tortillas, bread made from 2 ingredient dough, and 647 bread. Do you love bread as much as I do? As someone who has been a WW member for many years and is now maintaining at goal and Lifetime, here are breads I have eaten and enjoyed. They aren’t fabulous but they aren’t bad either. Aunt Millie’s, Multi whole grain wheat, 97% fat free. Try them with our Crockpot French Dip or Instant Pot Pepperoncini Pot Roast. Plus, building healthy eating patterns around foods you love can help you remain on course. Pepperidge Farm light bread – A light bread that is 1 point per slice on all plans. We have LOTS of zero point foods that can be used with these low point breads. I personally liked them. Sara is a speaker, writer & mom to 5 amazing kids by birth and special needs adoption. Brownberry Bakery Light, 100% whole wheat. With these healthy options, there’s no reason you can’t get to your goal weight eating bread. Without a package to read, it’s difficult to know for sure exactly what you’re getting with bakery bread. Make sure you get the thin slice because the regular version is higher in points. , SmartPoints, FitPoints, Points and Wellness that Works are trademarks of WW International, Inc. ©2020 WW International, Inc. All rights reserved. Also keep an eye out for light hot dog and hamburger buns. One batch of 2-ingredient dough makes 6 servings of 3 points each. Coat a 10- X 15-inch baking dish with cooking spray. There are a number of lower calorie, high fiber tortillas on the market today that are a great option for WW members. In addition to common examples like oats, brown rice, barley, and quinoa, whole grains include flours milled using the entire grain, which preserves its fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Arnold Sandwich Thins, Orowheat Sandwich Thins, and Thomas’ Bagel Thins are brands to choose. https://www.weightwatchers.com/us/blog/food/smartpoints-bread-guide These points are for MyWW Green, Blue, and Purple. Can’t find self-rising flour? These tortillas are 2 points each on all plans. Here are low-point breads that are hearty and satisfying without taking too many points. With the current trend of Keto and Paleo diets, it would seem that cutting back on carbs is the key to weight loss. Read more about my 100 pound weight loss story here. Ideally, you’re looking for 16 grams of whole grains in a serving; most bread that meets this level will mention it somewhere on the package, whether you're shopping for sliced bread, English muffins, bagels, or wraps. Make sure you get the “light” Flat Out as traditional types are higher in points. Check out our complete list of WW Trader Joe’s items here. Check out our method for making Air Fryer tortilla chips out of any of these high fiber tortillas. Ole Xtreme Wellness High Fiber Tortillas – 1 point each on all plans. And don’t be afraid to ask questions! We’ve listed quite a few brands below and you can purchase the store brand at places like Walmart or your local grocery store. https://www.yummly.com/recipes/weight-watchers-banana-bread recipe for making self-rising flour at home. Weight Watchers Blue Plan Ultimate Guide – Recipes, Meal Plans, & Tips – Everything you need to know about MyWW Blue. While there can be benefits to eating a low carb lifestyle, your body needs carbohydrates for energy. You can see why finding healthy, lower-point ww bread options will help you save points for other foods during your day.