In spite of this, Theon refused his sister's offer to return to the Iron Islands, and decided to hold Winterfell.[11]. Following Robert Baratheon's death in 298, Robert's son Joffrey assumed the throne. He was assassinated by his brother Euron Greyjoy in 303 AC, becoming the fifth and last of the five kings to die in the war. Stannis Baratheon claimed the Iron Throne on the basis that he was the rightful heir to his late brother, King Robert I. Forming an alliance with the High Sparrow, leader of the sect, Cersei engineered his election as the new High Septon and authorized the Faith Militant, the enforcement branch of the Faith charged with defending the faithful, to rearm. [41] Ser Edmure Tully remains at Riverrun to guard his rear.[43]. At the Great Sept of Baelor, Loras confessed to his crimes to the seven judging septons, one of whom includes the High Sparrow himself, and the gathered court, which includes Kevan Lannister, Mace Tyrell, and Queen Margaery. She appointed her ally, former Maester Qyburn, as the new Master of Whispers (as Varys is believed to have released Tyrion), and Lord Tyrell appointed as the new Master of Coin. He met little serious resistance, as the Lannisters were already in the process of withdrawing their forces to Harrenhal in the western Riverlands to regroup. House Lannister(Under Cersei) Previous Lord Roose Bolton †Lord Ramsay Bolton Lord Harald Karstark †Lord Smalljon Umber † The throne is mine, as Robert's heir. When no response comes back from Casterly Rock, the Tully banners are called to Riverrun and Lords Vance and Piper are commanded to guard the main pass between the westerlands and the riverlands at the Golden Tooth. The stage was set for the war when Catelyn Stark seized Tyrion Lannister at the Crossroads Inn and accused him of the attempted murder of her son, Bran, based on claims made by Petyr Baelish. In essence, the war was a three-way battle for the Iron Throne fought alongside two independence movements. House Bolton's rule over the North was now seemingly unopposed; Sansa's escape, however, has weakened their claim. Receiving news of his father's arrest and a demand that he come to King's Landing and recognize Joffrey as King, Robb Stark mobilized the armies of the North and assembled a host of 20,000 men; due to the urgency of the situation and the vastness of the North, he could not wait for more. The army is led by none other than Littlefinger and Sansa at the behest of Robin Arryn. [103] In truth, the poison used to kill Joffrey had been supplied by Lord Petyr, via Dontos Hollard, and was administered by Lady Olenna Tyrell. [5] Lord Eddard had a proclamation written by King Robert which named him Regent and Protector of the Realm, but it was ignored by Queen Cersei, whom Eddard had unwisely forewarned of his knowing the truth about her children. Although the youngest Baratheon brother, Renly believed that he would be a better king than Stannis, noting how the line of succession did not matter when Robert usurped the Iron Throne from Aerys II Targaryen during Robert's Rebellion. The Battle of the Blackwater turns the tides for House Lannister. After his coronation, Tommen reappointed Tywin (his grandfather) as Hand of the King and also granted him the title of Protector of the Realm, making Tywin the true ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. Based on Robb's complete number of forces (19,500 men from the north and 4,000 men from House Frey), and the number of men he takes with him to Riverrun (~3,915), Roose Bolton should have around ~19.600 men with him, Cersei Lannister's wedding to Robert I Baratheon, George R. R. Martin's A World of Ice and Fire, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Theaters and Campaigns of the War of the Five Kings, War of the First Men and the children of the forest,