Its cardboard box is more than enough to store in the studio. If you're looking for a bigger-than-life, unfiltered vocal sound, it'll give it to you-no sweat. REVIEW The ‘retro’ design of the new Neumann TLM 49 is unmistakably reminiscent of the legendary Neumann M49, with its bulky girth, its chunky ‘open’ grille and its substantial weight and size. He's the owner of Audio Upgrades,... Vintage King co-founder Michael Nehra shares some of his love, knowledge, and practical advice for diving into the world of vintage audio gear, and then takes us behind the scenes for a walk through... Bill Cheney and Jim Romney are the men responsible for keeping the amazing legacy of Spectra Sonics, a legendary, if criminally unheralded, pro-audio company alive. So I did what I think many Tape Op geeks would have done; I tried it on everything else but vocal. When the Philadelphia band Relay (Bubble Core Records) came through Boston, they stopped by my Cambridge studio for a quick session. Transformerless solid state circuit with tube sound characteristics 6. REVIEW The ‘retro’ design of the new Neumann TLM 49 is unmistakably reminiscent of the legendary Neumann M49, with its bulky girth, its chunky ‘open’ grille and its substantial weight and size. ($1499 street;, AT8470 Quiet-Flex Mic Clips, AT8456a Quiet-Flex Mic Clips, AT8471 Isolation Mic Clip, Jim Williams: Behind the Gear with Audio Upgrades, Restoring the "Holy Grail of Compressors": Behind the Scenes at the Vintage King Tech Shop, From WWII Planes to Stax Consoles: Behind the Gear with Bill Cheney & the History of Spectra Sonics, Rich Williams: Behind the Gear with Burl Audio. The capsule also exhibits a natural low-end rolloff from 40 Hz on down, without the use of electronic filtering. Proximity effect on the TLM 49 is more linear and doesn't slope up so quickly, so it gives you much more room for... well... moving around when singing. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. But proximity effect ramps up quickly on the KSM32, so you need to keep at least 4" distance on vocals. It can be versatile on other instruments. Upon listening to the recorded tracks, I was surprised how composed the TLM 49 sounded; even with no damping inside the drum and the mic inches away from the front head, the TLM 49 didn't sound boomy. Classic sound for silky vocals 4. From 40 Hz on up, the new Neumann's response is a smooth and pretty-much straight ramp up to 5 kHz. And then finally, I tried the mic on vocals, and I immediately understood why the Neumann rep called this a killer vocal mic. Next, I tried it on kick drum. As a reminder, PSE 825 grams, 80 grams against the 184 of one kilometer! micro voice specialist. There’s a peak at 5 kHz, a dip in the 7–8 kHz range, and then another peak at 10–11 kHz. The TLM 49 is a cardioid (good) Designed for making voice and although I have been able to try it on other source, it should work well on instruments that do not s'inquitent its size! For singing, you'll either love it or hate it-in an obvious enough way that you'll be able to move on to another mic if it ain't working for that particular situation. Large, acoustically open headgrille 5. Acoustic guitar? Once I realized how "no-brainer" this mic is when it comes to recording vocals, it was a no-brainer decision to buy it. All Reviews Gear Database Gear for sale Latest Trending. Overheads? After reading Mike Jasper's excellent review of the Wunder Audio CM7 mic (Tape Op #59), where he paraphrases Wunder designer Mike Castoro's explanation of how the U 47's grille helps to define its legendary sound, I pulled out the TLM 49's spec sheet. It just does not regret the single directivity and the lack of attenuation. TLM 49, Large diaphragm condenser microphone from Neumann in the TLM series. The TLM 49 is a large-diaphragm FET condenser microphone with Neumann’s K47 capsule. 1. I preferred a pair of AKG C 460Bs or a Royer SF-12. Supplied with suspension. Too bright, but not as screechy as other modern LDCs. The high-end wasn't as smooth and airy here as I would've liked. In the recording industry, there is a long list of iconic microphones that every experienced recording engineer has at least heard of. The TLM 49, on the other hand, with its natural sibilance attenuation and low-end rolloff, sounds right. When a representative from Neumann sent me this mic months ago, I was told that it was a killer vocal mic. And sometimes hype is what you want. Sure there are plenty of large-diaphragm condensers that will give you hype, but many modern LDCs can end up sounding harsh or muddy to my ears. (This content has been automatically translated from French). This time it was a Sennheiser 421 that was destroyed and an Audix D-2 that... Earthworks has made well-regarded condenser microphones for over 20 years. The RCA 44-A, is one of these. This Russian beauty will amaze you. Plug the mic into a preamp; feed the signal to your favorite compressor or leveler; hit record; done. Reviews. As a reminder, PSE 825 … I've put it on everything except drums, and the sound always seems full, warm... Take a phantom-powered version of the "Build Your Own Mic" from Tape Op #16, install two in a plastic model of a human skull, and you have the coolest new mic to track stereo signals in the studio... Jim Williams has spent much of his 56 years working with some of the biggest names in the music business, including Frank Zappa, John McLaughlin and Stevie Wonder. Here, I was pleasantly surprised again. Home. Plus, you can scream up close into this sucker because it'll take all the SPLs you can give it. Not enough lower-mid punch for my taste, although what it (I’ve used … Condenser microphone with cardioid capsule with large output circuit transistor designed primarily for vocals. Cardioid pattern 3. It is a large diaphragm true capacitor... Sony, widely known for their consumer entertainment products, takes pro audio very seriously. The mids are very smooth, the lows have a nice deep timbre, and the highs sound very natural to me. It is designed primarily as a vocal mic, with a sound inherited from the U47 and M49 microphones (both of which also used the K47 capsule). Close mics on toms and snare? The TLM 49 has a fixed cardioid pattern and is designed mainly as a microphone for vocalists, but its clear bass and superb midrange with a gentle presence boost above 2 kHz will produce excellent results with various instruments, too, such as acoustic guitar and upright bass. Burl Audio, under the direction of owner/designer Rich Williams, has developed some of the best new recording equipment over the last eight years. I found that for vocals, the TLM 49 has a very smooth upper-mid presence without sibilance or buzziness. Same capsule as legendary Neumann U 47 and M 49 microphones 2. It gives you a very "finished" sound that requires no EQ and no de-essing. Since drummers are always destroying tom mics, it's not uncommon that the necessity to try something new on the toms arises.