This is especially true on full moon nights. Few yellow perch are targeted with fly fishing gear but it’s not because it isn’t a viable option. Because their bites are subtle and difficult to detect, going with ultra-light tackle will provide the added sensitivity needed to detect a bite. Targeting the larger fish, Jumbo Perch, is a popular fishing option in some of the Great Lakes and also North Dakota and South Dakota. When it comes to perch fishing rigs, lighter is generally better. Perch bite best during daylight hours especially around noon and towards evening. 16. They often school together and move very quickly, making them a challenge to stay on top of. Yellow Perch Fishing Rigs. 17. Yellow Perch are a species of panfish that can be found on offshore structure such as rock or sand. Perch tend to school near cover or at the bottom so use a slip float to present live bait. A great time to fish for yellow perch is at night. Fly Fish for Yellows. Bait and Lures. Fish with live bait or baited jigs for the best success. Try Night Fishing. Yellow Perch Fishing Tips. Perch are notorious bait thieves, and once you've found a school, be sure to allow time for them to nibble so you don't pull up a bare hook. Although most anglers agree yellow perch are a reliable catch, there is a trick to consistently catching large fish. Drop your yellow perch rigs with the bait a foot or two about the bottom to attract schools.