They present words in logical groupings, teach words that are in commom usage, and offer enough variety so they aren't boring for the student. Still not even sure if I'll jump ship quite yet. Spelling Workout Review {& Three Weeks of Summer Collages} It’s been several weeks since I shared a Collage Friday weekly wrap. A lesson consists of four pages in the workbook. As I type this review I am happy to announce that Princess Bella just finished level B (2nd Grade) and is checking our mailbox every day for Level C … I just didn't think that all curriculum would be the same level. But first, a favorite curriculum… When you stick with a curriculum throughout your homeschool years, I believe it speaks volumes to its success and ability to meet the needs of different learning styles. 6 people found this helpful . I was liking the editing and extra work with the spelling rules. They are easily broken up into daily assignments that cover one lesson each week and fill up an entire school year. Each lesson begins with a short article about a point of trivia, sports, health, science and nature, and many other topics that would grab the attention of a grammar aged student. So I have a few collages to share. We started it in 3rd grade, which is actually when Spelling Power recommends starting this program. I was thinking I could give the Spelling Power or SWR diagnostic test and what ever grade level that is I could just move them to that Spelling Workout book. My son was a good speller, which he mainly inherited from his avid reading habit, so I didn’t worry about tackling it as a separate subject early on. Review: Spelling Workout The spelling program that we use is a series called Spelling Workout by Modern Curriculum Press. Levels C through F were reviewed. Spelling Workout is a series of 36-lesson sports-themed workbooks. Homeschool Curriculum Review: Spelling Power and Spelling Workout I have used Spelling Power for the past few years with my oldest son. The Spelling Workout series are great books for the homeschool family. Helpful. Level A is considered to be appropriate for first grade.