If the latter sounds much more well-bodied, the difference wasn’t really impressive. Proud SMSL AD18 here. i've been using this unit for almost 6 months on a pair of kanto yumi as my living room setup with TV, PC and PS4 hooked on optical. Lounge - Panny 46G10, Denon AVR3808, DVD2500BT, VMHD, B&W FPM6, FPM4 x2, M1 x2, ASW610 Study - PC, CCA, Audio GD NFB3.1 modified, Mackie HR824 + 2xSW150 [SMPro M-Patch … I wanted to try a different DAC with the SMSL AD18, but since the amp converts even analog signal to digital, it’s a bit complicated. Thanks in advance . I'm looking at SMSL AD18 as an amp, Given the specs being 80x2 (4 Ohm Load), what's the recommended bookshelf speakers to get? AD18 is not just a 80w Digital Amplifier: it’s a jack-of-all trades and hyper-versatile unit! Page 3 AD-18 Features Ad18 is a multi-functional power ampliÞer with headphone ampliÞer. Dieser Verstärker der Klasse D unterstützt USB - Koaxial - Bluetooth und zwei optische Eingänge. when you look at this product you should be wary that is not an audiophile targeted amplifier. Connect it to your computer and use it to drive your headphones or to power your passive speakers. I bought this based on reviews here and elsewhere saying the sound is good and that the built quality is good. It features Aux, Optical and coaxial S\\PDIF, USB and APTX Bluetooth inputs, meaning you can connect pretty much every music source to it. The S.M.S.L. Up to six kinds of input including USB, coaxial, analog, bluetooth and two optical jacks. Mit Yamaha macht man nichts verkehrt. then look elsewhere. SMSL AD18 80W2 Bluetooth 4. Sind gute, solide Geräte, die ordentliche Arbeit leisten. A compact, versatile DAC/amp for powering your entire audio setup, the SMSL AD18 supports a wide range of inputs, including USB, optical, coaxial, auxiliary, and Bluetooth 4.2. Jun 8, 2019 #2 Budget? Using the advanced CSR BT 4.2 as bluetooth solution. For this review I paired the SMSL AD18 amplifier with a Gallo Acoustics Nucleus 2.1 speaker system to achieve the ultimate minimalist hi fidelity setup. However, if you want to have decent quality output to enjoy your music etc. Luxman1 Topnutzer im Thema Audio. 2 HiFi USB DSP Digital Decoding Power Amplifier... Mehr. It also features a dedicated Headphone amplifier and a subwoofer output! SMSL AD18 HiFi Audio Stereo Endstufe mit Bluetooth Subwoofer Ausgang. If you get this amp, you’ll have to rely exclusively on the embedded DSP. Ugg10 Distinguished Member. The SMSL AD18 doesn't take up much space at all and it has a versitile set of inputs, digital and analogue. However, I tried it anyway. I used the FiiO Q1 Mark II as a DAC and the Cayin IDAC-6. Ich empfehle ebenfalls den Yamaha. Die wissen, wie man ordentliche Geräte baut. it is clearly a multimedial setup/living room oriented model, aside from other integrated models such as the sa-50 or the icepower ones. The build quality feels strong and the display is clear. Bei diesem Ding aus Shenzen, dieses SMSL AD18, ist halt die Frage ob du einen Computer oder einen guten Stereoverstärker kaufen möchtest. 12.11.2017, 20:44. In this video, I’m reviewing the SMSL AD18 Stereo Hi-Fi Amplifier and how it can turn a mediocre audio desktop setup into an audiophiles dream minimalist desk setup…all while sticking to a small budget! Using DSP+AMP from TI .