the company who issues a 3 year warranty and won’t honor it as they’re out of stock. Are they aggressive? This heater is capable of raising the temperature to 10 degrees above the room temperature. These heaters are “always-on,” and the only safeguard is you choosing the correct size for your tank. The 25 WATT heater is appropriate for up to 6.6 gallons or 25 liters. Both the 25W and 50W models are 7-inches (18-cm) long, making them perfect for heating smaller tanks, up to 5 gallons. But, the temp drops at night are significant enough that the Hydor can’t keep the temp at the set 75 and the water dips to 73.4-ish. Your email address will not be published. It would, but it also costs more and has the problem that if it gets stuck “on” it will cook your fish. Not all fish survive in cool water, and they die when the temperature is low, and there is no heater, because they are not capable of producing their own body heat, unlike humans. Marina compact heater is a fully submersible heater. GK Hart/Vikki Hart/Getty Images You have a heater… The Fluval E, despite having an innacurate temperature display is probably the next best pick, but I have had trouble locating it in recent months. Check it out in a 5-gallon Aqueon Minibow…. You don’t have to go far to find horror stories of preset heaters killing fish. To say that this is a mini tank is an understatement. Best of all, when tested against our calibrated testing equipment, we found that the heater was within 1˚F of the selected setting. The current models are pretty great. The Aqueon Pro USED to be great, when it was made in Italy, it’s now made in China and is a shadow of it’s former self. Cobalt did send me a replacement but I’m scared to use it. So if you have a 1 to 1.5-gallon tank, then this heater is perfect for you. I’m back to using Aqueon Pro but I did buy an ink bird controller for the reef tank. 5 WATT is appropriate for 1.2-gallon aquariums. of back end support is quite sad. Have a tiny tank and want a small heater to match? My name is Nadine; I am a passionate writer and a pet lover. Cobalt 5W mini-therm heater is good for freshwater, saltwater, and terrariums. You don’t have to adjust the temperature, and the heater is designed in a way that it reaches the pre-set temperature of 78º F or 26º C. If it’s functioning correctly, the appropriate temperature will be maintained. The Marina C10 compact heater 10WATT is suitable for aquariums which can hold up to 10 liters or 2.65 gallons of water. Secondly, after installing your heater in the aquarium, plug it after a few minutes. At the end take care of yourself too while taking care of the fish you own. Tough luck! Unfortunately, it’s the state of the hobby at the moment. Once you reach this size, you can use almost any heater you want. Ordinarily, preset heaters have been manufactured to reach a specific temperature – typically 78˚F (26˚C). Rosy barbs are one of the fish that get along well with goldfish. Best small aquarium heater for 6 to 10-gallon tanks. Buy a good, accurate and durable thermometer to check the water temperature of your fish tank from time to time. Hydor submersible glass aquarium heater is designed in such a way that it can bear shocks without any damage to the internal mechanism. Hydor submersible glass aquarium heater is designed in such a way that it can bear shocks without any damage to the internal mechanism. Would upping to a 50w work? So if you are not achieving the desired temperature of the fish tank even after placement of the heater, do not start cursing the heater directly. So, it’s safe to say that it is unarguably one of the best mini heaters out there, thanks to its portability. Which heater do you use to warm the water in your small tank? You will need to contact the manufacturer or return it to your petstore. Here it is compared to a quarter…, Here is one more option for small square or rectangular tanks…, The Marina Betta is designed for the smallest of tanks, up to 1.5 gallons. Aqua one nano preheated heater for 10L tank, it’s been in the tank for 11 hours and still the light has not turned off. There are some of the decorations which when placed in the aquarium can be harmful to you fish like plastic toys, beach sand, or any sharp decorations. Since then, they’ve had NONE available since September for warranty replacement, and have gone cold with any replies! While adjustable heaters are often larger than preset heaters, they have the advantage of allowing you to regulate the water temperature according to the fish you keep. A 20-watt heater, for example, is twice as powerful as a 10-watt one. The smallest aquarium heater for fishbowls…. Thermal protection circuity in the heater shuts down the heater when needed for safety. With a filter aquarium heater, the water is heated as it moves through the filter. We all know that the temperature around the tank also affects the temperature of your aquarium.