The answer is the new Sennheiser AVX … Hi everyone. The Sennheiser G3 has been the dominant wireless mic system for budget-minded video people for many years. Rode Wireless GO vs Sennheiser XSW-D – Which is the Better Wireless Mic System? XS Wireless XS Wireless Digital EW G4 AVX 2000 series 3000 - 5000 series Digital 6000 Other Classic Dynamic Microphones Digital 9000 827 Results Sort by article number by title Can anyone advise on the differences in between these … Graham Forbes May 4, 2019 Blog No Comments. June 21, 2018 By Morgan 1 Comment. When a specific line of products is the leader for so long, it makes you wonder what will come next. I'm looking to get a pair of lav kits on a budget -- interested in the Sennheiser G3/G4 and the Sennheiser AVX in particular. Before the G3 was king, the Sennheiser G2 was the most popular choice. Wireless microphones just took a big jump forward … We’ve been using the Sennheiser G3 for all of our video work over the past couple of years. I am choosing … When Sennheiser reached out to us to see if we’d like to review their new G4 … Difference between Sennheiser AVX vs G4 lavalier-lapelle mic systems 3 months ago Any thoughts on the difference between the Sennheiser AVX versus the latest G4 system? A New Era. Sennheiser G3 vs G4.