I am still uncomfortable with restocking the freezer, not sure If my efforts have cured the original problem. My samsung side by side freezer isn’t freezing properly. Defrost elements test good. How and where do I test in the PCB? Hi i unplug our samsung ref i notice water from the back how can i pull out the container to remove the water..thanks, I have a Samsung RFG297HDBP Refrigerator, (French doors, ice maker/water dispenser on left door, with a freezer drawer on bottom. After I have pushed the blue button in my freezer to get the freezer to defrost, some ice melted and water spilled out of my fridge on to the floor. Selected fd as fridge is around 58 degrees and defrost was problem last time, freezer seems to be fine. Find the perfect Refrigerator for you! Freezer has always worked great but fridge ices up randomly. I have pressed blue button for defrost of my samsung fridge but it’s not coming out even after defrost… My fridge is not working at all. When resetting doesn’t work, the next step is to empty your freezer of its contents and to gather a bunch of towels. How long will it take?Will it stop automatically? Is it now defrosting? To force defrost Samsung RF263BEAESR, you will need to find the energy saver button on the left hand side of the fridge. Hours? Hi, this usually indicates a faulty defrost component. Thanx for replying, the fridge doesn’t have a display. The defrost heater in the refrigerator is a (140 watt 120vac) cal rod element. Elvr (Mac). If so, try pressing the top left and top right buttons in at the same time and hold for 10 seconds. kindly advise what to do. I’m at a loss as far as what else I could repllace to get the stupid fridge to defrost properly without an annual defrost. my freezer beeps continuously after following your instructions. It stays at 0/-5F, then rises now and again (defrost mode I guess) What’s weird is, after completely defrosting the fridge, it works great for about a year….then starts icing up again! Discover the latest features and innovations available in the 35 3/4 inches x 70 inches, 26 cu. Any advise? As with Eoin my freezer beeps continuously after following your instructions. I looked manual come with the fridge, nothing help on it. Thanks, Defrost Thermostat for Samsung RF26HFENDSR/AA Refrigerator. -To force fridge defrost element to come on, press “Freezer” button a second time. Would the steps you posted be the same process that I could use on my model refrigerator too? Now is at 16deg. Dave, I hv a sumsung frost free model Rs21hdtts . So I did my research and I found out that my refrigerator was freezing up in the back, I was not defrosting. Is the freezer or refrigerator not holding a good temperature? No ice was seen at the bottom, near the drain. what readings am I looking for? […] Samsung Refrigerator Forced Defrost […], 1.last night following a tech video on Samsung I pressed the Power Cool button simultaneously with the freeze button, two zeroes (0) appeared on the screen on the freezer side and the fridge side. Product Description. .what could be a propblem, I have a Samsung Model Number: RS25H5111BC. On some of these models they changed the location of the thermistor to fix a similar issue. You can also use our free DIY Appliance Repair Forum. And I plug it back in and it seemed to work fine. Hi I have a Samsung rs25h5111 fridge and I am trying to do a forced defrost , can you help? The refrigerator is 3 1/2 years old. It should only take about 20 minutes to force defrost a Samsung refrigerator. There is a knob for adjusting the temperature. Following… we have the same issues with our RS265TDRS…, on samsung my french door refrigerator with pull out freezer on the bottom… pushed the 2 buttons and cycled thru theses codes: FF, OF, RD, FD… can you help me understand what each does???? How to Defrost Samsung RF263BEAESR. RF268ABWP RF268ABWPXAA RFG298AABP RFG298AABPXAA RFG298AAPN RFG298AAPNXAA. The defrost heater in the freezer is a (215 watt 120vac) cal rod element. The fridge side is icing too much, I checked defrost element is working Related Videos for Samsung Refrigerator Model RF26HFENDSR/AA-0000. I have removed the inner back panel of the refrigerator (that covers the cooling coil), bought the parts to the replace the defrost heater that encircles the cooling coil and completely replaced the deforst heater element with all the parts that attach to the heater element itself.