Read Sweetwater customer reviews for Royer R-122V Vacuum Tube Ribbon Microphone Reviews. Contact your Sales Engineer. It sounded phenomenal in the studio. Reviews & News. Sonically … Contact Us Need Help? Now along comes the R-122V, which employs a triode-wired JAN 5840W tube in its head electronics, and according to Royer, the R-122V has far more headroom than its phantom-powered siblings. After doing a couple of important lead vocal sessions with my new R-122V's, I would say that their sound contains much more detail than that of the R-122. … That doesn't mean that I don't want my R-122's any more. The R-122V is an active ribbon microphone with a tube amplifier circuit. You can find less-expensive ribbons from a half-dozen suppliers, but they won't be the same as the Royers. Save 20%, MSRP $5249.00 Be the first to write a review. With a lushness that has to be heard to be truly appreciated, the R-122V offers the ultimate in ribbon microphone performance for those who insist on the very best. 2007 TEC Awards; Royer Labs R-122V Bidirectional Tube Ribbon Microphone. The high operating voltage of the vacuum tube provides headroom far beyond that available from a standard phantom power supply. Rated 5.0 / 5 by 1 customers! Contact Us We're here to help. Shop Sweetwater inSync SweetCare Events Careers Used Gear Marketplace (800) 222-4700 Talk to an expert! John Jennings at Royer sent us a pair of R-122Vs, and as soon as we got them, we put them to work on our Hardman baby grand piano. The R-122V is the pinnacle of the Royer R-Series line, a world class tube ribbon microphone exhibiting unparalleled richness, depth and detail, particularly in the midrange frequencies. Conditions . In a sense, it is the tube version of the R-122. I've tried it with a Great River ME1NV and Grace M101 totally maxed out gain and trim, about four inches from my guitar's soundhole, playing strongly with a pick, and I was only able to get a medium-quiet signal. Royer R series - 2 mics in 1; Tape Op Review (issue #62) R-122V Documentation. Royer R-122V $4199.00. To pick just one reason: Royer Labs has a patent on the offset ribbon design, which gives the mic two slightly different sounds, front vs. rear. The R-122V takes the Royer-pioneered concept of active ribbon microphone technology to an unprecedented level by incorporating vacuum tube electronics into the same proven transducer system used in the venerable R-121 and R-122 ribbon microphones. Hi, I picked up a Royer 122v. R-122V Product Description; R-122V Cutsheet; R-122V Manual (2006) R-122V Manual (2009) R-122V Awards. I own a pair of Royer 122's - has anyone here compared the 121's to the 122's - just curious if there are any notable sound differences between the two, … The R-122V is the pinnacle of our R-Series line, a world class tube ribbon microphone exhibiting unparalleled richness, depth and detail, particularly in the midrange frequencies. The Royer R-121 and R-122 are unique in their components, design, and tolerances. Free shipping in Canada. i think that for stereo percussion recording of a blumlein pick-up on congas's, for instance, the original R-122 would be my first choice. When I took it home, I was surprised how quiet it is (being active powered).