Learners formulate public health assessments and interventions for improving quality health … A large part of their daily duties is education, so public health … Public health nurses don't just report to work and take care of an assigned number of patients; they work with members of a community to promote wellness and preventive care. Public health nursing is a unique and challenging specialty. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, offers free online public health courses in environmental public health.The 15 courses provided by the CDC allow students to learn a variety of topics that range from environmental factors that may impact public health … Public Health Nurse: Focused on improving the health of a given population of patients, this patient-facing role conducts health assessments, provides care and delivers critical health education services on a variety of health topics such as disease prevention and healthy lifestyle choices. Public health … This course provides learners with the opportunity to apply public health nursing knowledge and skills in various public health settings. The Public Health Generalist certificate may appeal to mid-career professionals, new career professionals wishing to seek employment in the field of public health, or other healthcare professionals (e.g., physicians and nurses) who want to explore public health. Baccalaureate and Master's level public health nurses can seek additional voluntary certification through the American Nurses Credentialing Center and the National Board of Public Health … The decision to study public health does not mean you must go through traditional courses at a university. In numerous cases, RN licensing is the only legal requirement for public health nursing practice.