Self-protection is a paramount concern with millions of people across the US. One of the first widely issued forms of a non lethal weapon was pepper spray. Pros: It’s simple and powerful, able to stop an attacker quickly from a distance. Support for autonomous weapons systems falls into two general categories. Non lethal weapons, or as some call them, less lethal weapons make this possible. Those who call for further development and deployment of autonomous weapons systems generally point to several military advantages. Be sure to go over the options first before making your final decision. At present, less-lethal weapons are a fact of life. Cons: You may not have time to use it if you are surprised and the pepper inside does loose its potency and ability to be effective over time, usually 2 years. With weapons such as the taser, it is now possible for police officers to totally incapacitate a person with out having to worry about them causing harm to the public or to officers. Where are you intending on using the device? Pros: There are several advantages, starting with its effectiveness as you only need to hit the attacker in the chest and the pepper ingredients will do the rest. Over the years, the issue concerning the use of non lethal force in Policing and the Criminal Justice system has been a very controversial and debated topic. First and foremost: There is no such thing as non-lethal ammunition for firearms. 11 2009. However, some of the best non-lethal weapon devices are most effective when coming into direct contact with the assailant. These weapons are saving lives and give other options to the police in situations were they could potentially use lethal force and kill. . With technology advances being what they are, there are more options today than ever before. You can keep a potential assailant at bay, providing you enough time to get away. For those with limited mobility, this can be problematic. Cons: You will need to use the weapon directly, which means getting up close for it to be effective. In addition, incidents of misuse have placed a negative image on many of these weapons. Click Here for a list of available non lethal self defense weapons for purchase. Some members of the defense community advocate autonomous weapons because of military advantages. First, autonomous wea… Pepper Spray for Sale – Refuse To Be a Victim! How big is the non-lethal weapon you intend to use? Be sure to go … Second, the flashlight comes with a hardened, aluminum casing which can be used to strike the attacker if needed, so you can get away. These weapons used by the Police have saved a considerable amount of lives and have proven themselves as a useful tool in making the jobs of the police more effective and efficient. To be effective with pepper spray, the officer had to be close to the offender and this could lead to the officer being assaulted and attacked. Initially, pepper spray allowed an officer to subdue an offender or someone resisting arrest, but the problem was the range. It also doubles as a standard flashlight, helping you see in blackout conditions. In situations where this close range was not an option, the only other long range weapon, their firearm, was lethal. Non lethal weapons are designed to incapacitate people or disable equipment with effects that are only temporary and completely reversible. These types of weapons are critical to law enforcement officers because they can effectively subdue a person that is a threat to not only the officer, but to the public without attempting to take them down and physically fight them and without having to use extreme force and potentially kill them. Other supporters emphasize moral justifications for using them. How portable and accessible the self-defense device is should depend on your own mobility, set of skills, and intention. Let's look at some of the available technologies and how they make a … For example, if an officer is being approached by a man wielding a machete, and the officer is equipped with a taser, the officer now has another option on how to handle the situation. Description: Both the gun and baton or stick operate by applying an electrical charge directly to the assailant. Pros and Cons of The 3 Most Popular Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapons Life today should be safe. Refuse To Be a Victim! Once incapacitated, you have plenty of time to get away and go for help. When someone is shot and killed, (2009, 11). From this list, you should be able to understand the best type of device that suits your needs, abilities, and location of where it will be used.