Original Article: Kathleen Valle Photography: Rene Mejia. Are Rosewoods (and Bubinga) really banned by CITES? The actions program has five major objectives: (1) productivity improvement of tree plantations by providing appropriate technologies; (2) establishment of plantation-based family/community enterprises; (3) improvement of policy and institutional infrastructures for plantation development; (4) improvement of competitiveness of Philippine wood products; and (5) improvement of the economic status of [smallholding] farmers. Is mahogany a good material? Thank you. If so, what product did you use? Sorry, it appeared you were asking what Phillipine Mahogany was. The wood industry requires approximately 2 million (M) cubic meters (m3) based on three-year average consumption (PWPA, 2010), but to date, the country produces only 1.34M m3, of which 740,000 m3 come from commercial plantations in various regions. Thus, the local sources of the country’s woodbased industries are now totally dependent on plantation timber. Mahogany is much harder than pine and mahogany is absolutely nothing like pine. Agriculture Monthly is a product of Manila Bulletin Publishing, Inc. Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCAARRD), Vietnamese Library Runs a Mini Ecosystem to Teach Kids Urban Farming, Oton Farmers Start Growing Bulb Onions with DA Support, Fresh start advocates good health, sound environment, Local brewery uses indigenous fruits to create signature spirits, Batuan: Visayas Sour Fruit May Prevent Diabetes, Grant and zero interest loans for young agripreneurs, Doctors may soon be prescribing vegetables instead of drugs to prevent disease, Convert your farm into a farm school and earn millions, A Win-Win Scheme for Backyard Hog Raisers, Investing in goats may be a ‘saGOAT sa kahirapan’, 13,000-hectares utilized in organic agriculture a rising trend in Caraga region, Beginner-friendly plant: A guide to growing monstera deliciosa, Empowering the youth to take the lead in addressing food security, Coconuts are accepted as tuition for a college in Bali, Indonesia, How Legacy Construction Corporation’s venture into poultry farming helps revitalize Romblon’s economy, Leyte resident planted around 10,000 mangroves to protect his home from calamities and to protect the soil, DA turns over newly constructed diversion dam to Bohol farmer group, Head above the water: Man saves his caladium plant amid the flood, Small space gardening: Palawan’s plantito pursued his love for ornamentals during quarantine and now owns over 1000 plants in his 80 sqm home, Fishers’ group starts to reap fruits of their labor despite COVID-19 pandemic. and root bench is mahogany wood…. Learn more about Philippine hardwood with our handy guide. Thank you! Building 101: Types of Philippine Hardwood. When the termites loved it, the importers changed the name to Pacific Maple, but is not maple species either. In the broadest terms, trees and their respective lumber are classified into two general classes, hardwoods and softwoods. or whats the highest quality, rarest, most expensive breed in the world? CARAGA is considered the leading producer of timber in the country. and can it grow in FL, or only in the Rain Forest? I would need a closer view of the endgrain to have any more ideas. I want it planted with rainbow tree, brazillian fern tree, and falcate… This ensures a reliable supply of seeds that will provide optimum yields under specific site conditions necessary for the expansion of the total area of higher yielding tree plantation.