Why? Prices of feed and maintenance differ from place to place. Poultry farming has become huge business in Nigeria. 3 0 obj It takes a careful balance of knowing how much of their flock to keep or process and knowing how many eggs should … 1 0 obj PROFITABILITY OF POULTRY FARMING IN NIGERIA. endobj Because Fredrick and his wife will expect the farm enterprise to pay them back for the equivalent value of employed labour lost in savings to start the farm. The profitability of poultry farming in Nigeria is based on the analysis made on the cost of starting a poultry. The profitability of poultry farming in Nigeria is based on the analysis made on the cost of starting a poultry. There are many gainful opportunities in the poultry The analysis above can be used to calculate your costs if you wish to produce lower or higher number of birds. }V�0n�Ѩle����r��MjYъRԹu��=���g}B. Contribution profit margin: per egg or chicken # This is a key measure (metric) to have at your fingertips when running or starting a poultry farm . Now, provided you have all these on ground, and you wish to start a poultry farm with N150,000: And point of lay (16 – 17 weeks) = N1,400, Let’s assume you wish to deal with layers, If you intend to start with 100 birds, starting from a day old chick, Which means 100 birds should eat 150kg chick mash for one month (4 weeks), 150kg is 6 bags of chick mash as 1 bag weighs 25kg, This feeding will continue for another 4 weeks, Meaning another 6 bags, making 12 bags for the first 8 weeks, Presently, a bag of chick mash range between N3600 and N3700, **3700 multiplied by 12 bags gives N44, 400**, For the next 8 weeks, birds should feed on chick grower, A bird should feed on 4kg feed for 8 weeks, Hence 100 birds should feed on 400kg feed, That means the birds will feed on 16 bags for another 8 weeks, At 16 weeks, birds start to feed on layers mash, From the 16th week to the 20th week, a single bird should feed on 2kg, Hence, 100 birds will feed on 200kg which means 8 bags of layers mash, Therefore, 2900 multiplied by 8 bags should give N23, 200, The total amount of feeds used for the 20 weeks is, **N23, 200 +N 46, 400 + N44, 400 = N114, 000**, Activities such as vaccinating, drugs, deworming and debeaking of 100 birds can cost as much as N15, 000. Prepare Poultry farming business … Vaccinating, deworming, debeaking = N15,000. %PDF-1.5 Poultry farming in Ghana and in many other parts of the world is quite profitable. Poultry Farming business can be done with low capital or huge capital depending on individual capacity. Tips for Poultry Farming Project: Purchase healthy chickens for your farm. Demand for poultry products is always high and the population of consumers is increasing. Choose Your Poultry Area of Interest. Half therefore is N1,550, Then, Profit per day; N2080 – N1550 = N530. Please note that the analysis made is based on estimate. So, what is the profitability of poultry farming business in Nigeria? The contribution of poultry farming to livestock production and gross domestic product was 58.2% (Amos, 2006). stream You have entered an incorrect email address! Under normal condition, 100 birds should lay over 80 eggs per day, Since a crate contains 30 eggs, 80 eggs per day will be 2.6 crates per day, Presently in my area, a crate of egg is N800, N800 multiplied by 2.6 crates will give N2,080, Now, 100 layers need 12.5kg of food per day. A Farmer Testifies. Finding a nearby commercial chicken farm to contract out their services is one strategy used by independent chicken farmers. That is half of a bag, A bag cost N3,100. In fact, due to the rising demand for poultry products, Nigeria still imports poultry products. Is Poultry Farming Profitable? Becoming a profitable chicken farmer takes some research in different methods to raise chickens and different ways to make money based on your area. In the past, poultry farming involved raising chickens in the back yard for daily egg production and family consumption. Since a crate contains 30 eggs, 80 eggs per day will be 2.6 crates per day. Please note that the analysis below is based on a reasonable estimate on the current market prices of items presented. We will still need to account for these costs within the model. He aims for a la… Poultry farming business does not require any marketing skills. Unlike mass produced caged chicken farming where the chickens are born, raised then sent to market without ever touching the earth. These imports make up for the shortfall in demand. Here’s How Video Marketing Can Become A Saviour For You, 100-day old chicks = N21, 000 if each cost N210, For 4 weeks, a bird should eat 1.5kg feed, Profit per month; N530 multiplied by 30 days = N15,900, Profit per year; N15,900 multiplied by 12 = N190,800. Mortality is inevitable, however good maintenance culture will reduce the death rate to the minimal. If poultry farming is one of the lucrative home business ideas in Nigeria, I’m certain you want to know what to expect, right? The lowest price for small scale farmers is around N40,000. Poultry farming is considered to be one of the most common farming businesses, and it has a lot of potential for earning the profit. Free range egg market now saturated,organic eggs ruined. Indeed, poultry farming in Nigeria is profitable. PROFITABILITY OF POULTRY FARMING. Numbers of peoples do not know about poultry farm in India | cost or poultry farming | cost | project report. This means operating a small scale or large scale is determined by the number of birds which is also going to be determined by the capital at hand. The Potential for Profitability. Click Here to get a comprehensive eBook on Poultry Farming in Nigeria. endobj He has been rearing poultry in his farm, located in Muhazi, Rwamagana district for ten years now. Under normal condition, 100 birds should lay over 80 eggs per day. For example, you can start with 50 chickens and you can also start with 10,000 chickens as well. Poultry Farming requires less investment than any other livestock business. 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