Shrimp balls are from a found recipe, the sauce I improvised. And this Big Prawn Fritters seriously happen to be one of them. It's actually fairly involved and I'm honestly not sure it's worth the effort but I did like the results. Jon. Try this recipe at home and please let me know your valuable feedback by writing it down in the comment section below. Prepare 180 g of king prawns,. Here is how you cook it. Our Takeaway Restaurant is located in Harrogate. Chinese-style shrimp balls with shrimp sauce. For deep frying. You need 1 of onion cut into bite sized pieces,. Even though I do love my oven and air fryer a lot, but I do feel that there are certain kinds of foods, especially in Chinese cooking, would render possible only with deep frying. After the addition of salt, it has a tendency to release the water from the food and make it soft. Ingredients of King Prawn Curry (Chinese Takeaway Style) It’s 1.5 tbsp of Chinese Curry Concentrate,. Serve this chilli prawns recipe hot with Chinese style fried rice or noddles. Chinese style prawns recipes 461. Chinese Style Big Prawn Fritters 香脆大虾 September 17, 2016. You can cook King Prawn Curry (Chinese Takeaway Style) using 13 ingredients and 5 steps. 15 mins marination in the batter will make the prawns soft as salt has been used in it. For the shrimp, I'm giving the quantities in the original recipe but I made only a 1/3 batch myself. Tips. You want about an inch of oil in the bottom of the pan. For the king 600ml vegetable oil, for a 6.5 inch saucepan we used 600ml of oil, alternatively use a smaller saucepan. Home Cooking Wonderland.