Not precooking some toppings. my mouth hurts and then some. Pizza dough is actually pretty forgiving and resilient. Its better but still tastes burned. I’ve tried buttering and oiling the crust, but it just seems to get absorbed. If you don't mind how pre-baked crust tastes, then go right ahead. I'm better off making burgers or something else that I can make very well for a crowd. The knife and fork method works great, but it's a bit harder to cut a stuffed crust pizza because the crust is thicker and gooier. But, this new DNews video is here to help explain why. Pre-baked pizza is supposed to make your life better. But not if all you're doing is scorching it beyond recognition. anon139284 January 4, 2011 . It works, but it feels like an unnecessary step. So limit thinner-crust pizzas to two to three toppings and some cheese. 3. Thy Holy Crust. of dough for a 13" pizza), and I believe the pizza has been cooking too fast--before the oven heat has had a chance to sufficiently denature the protein in the dough to achieve a decent color at the rim. For heartier pies, try a sheet pan pizza with a thicker crust. I have tried turning it down as low as 350. If you find yourself constantly ripping your dough, try these tips: Sometimes dough rips because the gluten hasn’t developed enough. I cook it until the top is done. I’ve also tried covering the top with foil, but the intense heat gets to it before it gets to the crust. 4 tablespoons yeast. What am I doing wrong, if everyone who got a pizza crisper got burned pizza no one would buy pizza crispers. and water. Your crust is thin (10.62 oz. Update: The pizza is about an inch thick. pinch of salt. Ingredients I use for the dough: 5 cups flour. While pizza might be a heavenly, delicious food, a “holy” crust isn’t a good thing. Here's how to never burn it ever again. I make pizza probably once a week, and I rarely do it when I have to make more than 4 or 6, and that reason is because the quality drops. Ouch. Then I finish the bottom on a hot pan in the stove. I mean I like crispy crust but there is a difference between crispy and burned. Stuffed crust pizza is a double whammy for pizza burn -- you could burn yourself on the toppings, or on the heated cheese inside the crust! Here is what I currently do. If you're compromising your product, why bother? It seems to have a cooked crust and cheese burned or about to burn. This is burned, evenly not just the edges. Eating pizza is a sacred thing, yet it comes with great risk — getting your freakin' tongue burnt. While most toppings can just be chopped up and tossed onto the pizza before baking, there are a few that always need to be precooked, namely meat. The cheese ontop burns,but the middle of the pizza bread remains soft and uncooked? I cooked it for a little over an hour at 250 degrees in the oven. But ripping a hole into your dough doesn’t mean it’s garbage!