Popular courses are B.Tech, M.Tech, MBA. The main objective of this paper is to use the technique of speech recognition to detect, translate and identify animal voices. Microstrip dimension are calculated using synthesis technique formula. Being affiliated to the Anna University, The Civil Engineering department of the Panimalar Engineering College follows the courses and syllabus prescribed by Anna University which focus on and provide in-depth studies in the following main stream topics: List of Program Activities followed by our department, List of Program Activities followed by our Students. Bangalore Trunk Road, Varadharajapuram, Poonamallee, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600123, For Admission Related Enquiry9150902626pec@panimalaradmission.comPanimalar Engineering College Brochure, For Admission Related Enquiry9150858659pit@panimalaradmission.comPanimalar Institute of Technology Brochure, © 2020 All Right Reserved Panimalar Group Of Institutions, Panimalar Group of Institutions was awarded as the, International ambassadors participated in. A Coupled-Line Microstrip Filter is designed for centre frequency 2.4GHz and it is made up of FR-4 material having permittivity Єr=4.4. Machine learning techniques will be helpful to get insight, patterns and for better strategic decision making. The parent can send a text with specific keywords such as “LOCATION” “TEMPERATURE” “UV” “LIGHT” “BUZZ”, etc., the wearable device will reply back with a text containing the real time accurate location of the child which upon tapping will provide directions to the child’s location on google maps app and will also provide the surrounding temperature, UV radiation index so that the parents can keep track if the temperature or UV radiation is not suitable for the child. Computer Vision harnesses the power of complex Image Processing techniques to extract meaningful features from a given image or video samples. have also been integrated to the proposed system to monitor the exact condition in real-time basis. The aspirants will focus on the Big Data applications in making digital India implemented in various sectors both public and private through activities like call logs, mobile banking transactions, online user generated content like blog posts and Tweets, online searches, satellite images into actionable information which require computational techniques to unveil trends and patterns within and between these extremely large socioeconomic datasets. People rely on Smartphone and applications for any gathering of information on any details such as locations, routes, alerts, and so on. Bachelor of Technology is a 4 years course comprising of 8 semesters. Big Data refers to all the data that is being generated across the globe at an unprecedented rate. Great support from all the Management Staffs, Personal Development, Guest Lectures, Internship are some of the key methods which college focuses on that helps the student to keep abreast of current Trends. Thanks to panimalar for everything I am today. Using cloud simulators, researchers can execute their algorithmic approaches on a software-based library and can get the results for different parameters including energy optimization, security, integrity, confidentiality, bandwidth, power and many others. The hazardous gases can be sensed and displayed each and every second, in proximity with one more sensor for tracking Heart Beats which helps to monitor the condition of the sewer laborers. The water needed for the crops should be properly irrigated for enriching the irrigation efficiency of the field. Professor and Head of the Department in CIVIL Engineering. ), Copyright © 2020 Panimalar Engineering College. She has published several research articles in National & International(13) and Presented papers in International Conferences(9) and also applied Three Patents(3). Micro strip patch antennas are widely used in wireless applications in recent years. The tools used to store and analyze Big Data are Hadoop, Hive, HBase, Sqoop, Pig etc. From this college, I learned a good exposure like multicultural activities, people skills, the ability to work in high pressure situation, disciplined, analytical skills, communication and confidential skills, best teachers guidance , skills and experience help me both in my career and in like in general. Professional body responsible for education and training, and setting and raising their standards.Thay have some of the Professional Body are listout below. It is done by combining global and local feature extraction into a single method of content detection within an image for purposes of image retrieval, which is proven to be more efficient, as well as taxonomy of various distance metrics used to identify local features. The pitch of the speaker’s voice is estimated by applying various pitch estimation techniques, namely FFT, Cepstral Analysis, Autocorrelation and MFCC to correctly determine the gender of a speaker by classifying the pitch of the speaker’s voice based on existing frequency values that were obtained using above techniques. This device collects data continuously for an extended period of time and functioned as an alert device when soil moisture dropped below the specified value. Depending upon type of emergency it initiates communication and shares critical information.