The sugar crystals and molasses found as major components in brown sugar come from sugar cane. It also gives a complete cure of cough and cold. Replace jaggery in your morning tea instead of refined sugar. Aside from the sugar in your coffee, you can also substitute jaggery with palm jaggery. Solid jaggery from sugar cane juice, sap of date palm, sap of Palmyra palm and powder jaggery from coconut palm sap are packed in a polyethylene pouches while fresh liquid jaggery filled in pet bottles. Palm sugar was originally made from the sap of the Palmyra palm, the date palm or the sugar date palm, on other hand Jaggery from cane juice. Here's a recipe for a summer cooler (that we published earlier) - panagam that tastes as good with palm jaggery Panagam (Serves 4) Ingredients: Karupatti or jaggery - 150 gms; Water - 600 ml (three glasses) Juice of three lemons (medium size) Jaggery can also come from sugar cane juice. Palm Jaggery Prevents Anemia. Try out by dropping a piece of jaggery in lukewarm water and drink it up. Samples are kept at room temperature (23-25o C) and at low temperature (6-8o C) in refrigerator with three replications. Jaggery might be labelled according to type -- whether it's made from palm trees or sugar cane -- but not necessarily. ….. 5. jaggery contains cane sugar and fruit sugar in the proportion of 2:1 would be assimilated more rapidly than cane sugar alone taken in the same quantity8. In this study jaggery has a higher glycemic index compared to cane-sugar or sucrose. Jaggery … After sugar canes have been crushed to produce cane juice, the liquid is boiled down and reduced to make jaggery. Jaggery comes naturally from sugar cane but it can also be procured from palm sap. jaggery is done. Both minimally processed, one is the marginally better than ‘white sugar’ form you reviewed, while the other is in a far different category in terms of nutritional value and fructose content. I know it’s a bit late to comment, but you may want to draw a distinction between sugar cane Jaggery and palm (particularly Palmyra Palm) Jaggery. (Boiling sugar cane is also how you make molasses.)