I checked locally n the guy said that the HDMI board is gone. Price was good and features are decent, but I wanted to hear from you fellow geek heads on what you thought about Onkyo receivers. Lately, when I select USB input … The reason I ask is I just bought a new Onkyo TX-NR656. Problem: I've now connected the Atmos Speakers (part of the front Dolby speakers) and configured the TV and Receiver accordingly. Onkyo Receiver (TX-NR646) Onkyo Atmos Speaker Set (SKS-HT588) In 5.1 mode everything works great! I removed n connected n there was no sound coming but videobis ok. Hi. When I play an Atmos formatted video on Netflix, the blue Atmos LED lights up on the Receiver … Tap on your Onkyo receiver's … I did not use it for about 5 years n was packed n kept inside a box. If your Onkyo allows you to select PLIIx on anything less than a 7.1 system, it's not configured correctly. I have Onkyo HTR 670 av Receiver. Hi. ; The first time you open the app, a small box will appear labeled Device Select.Since we've already prepared our mobile device and Onkyo receiver, the app should display any compatible Onkyo devices that can be paired with the app. Open the Onkyo Remote app. User manuals, Onkyo Receiver Operating guides and Service manuals. I m from Chennai. Onkyo USA Support Information 08/19/2014 Loss of Audio/Network Connection Customer Care Program As part of our commitment to quality and customer service we have determined that a limited number of Onkyo Brand receivers … I have an Onkyo HT-R391 AV receiver and an Onkyo UBT-1 Bluetooth device. It's worked fine for the past few years with pairing to my phone and iPad. Download 521 Onkyo Receiver PDF manuals. Useful Links Onkyo receiver manuals TX-SR605 Thread TX-SR705 Thread TX-SR805 Thread TX-SR875 Thread TX-NR905 Thread The first page of the 705 thread contains an excellent FAQ that's useful for all Onkyo receiver … Can somebody suggest where I can get this HDMI board for the Onkyo AV receiver … I went from an old Sony and I was immediately wowed by the hi-res audio and the video looked great.