The Windows 10 Mobile hotspot feature is designed to function only when your computer can access the internet via the (wired or wireless) network you connect it to. We have a detailed guide that explains what happens when you reset Windows 10 network settings and how to go about it. Now, connect your computer to a wired or wireless network and check if the Mobile hotspot is still grayed out. Having Airplane Mode enabled on your Windows 10 computer suspends all wireless connections—Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data—on the device. Consequently, that will also render the Mobile hotspot feature unusable. If the network your PC is connected to has a 'No internet, secured' label, the Mobile hotspot will be grayed out. Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help, and unmark the answers if they provide no help. And if nothing changes, you should contact your internet provider to check if there's network downtime. It's simple logic: if your PC doesn't have an active network connection (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or Cellular data), Mobile hotspot will be unavailable, i.e., grayed out. Tap the icon to disable Airplane mode. Step 1: Launch the Windows Settings menu and select 'Network & Internet'. Technology Manager City Charter High School Pittsburgh, PA, After upgrading to 10041, here's what I have. That will open the Windows Action Center. Mobile Hotspot lets you share your PC's (wired or wireless) internet with other Wi-Fi-enabled devices. This could also help fix any network-related issue that's graying-out Mobile hotspot on your computer. So you have nothing to fear. A problem may occur in Microsoft Windows 10 where the system icons such as the Speaker, Network, or Power icons are grayed out or missing from the Taskbar Notification Area (Systray). I'll try going up to 10041 and see what happens. Right-click on it and select Start. Rebooting your router could also help. From the download link I posted, you will get the Pro version, which would allow you to join a domain. Try the above troubleshooting methods and let us know which one did the trick for you. "Tauntology: one of the BOFHish fine arts" -- Rik Steenwinkel. Step 3: Tap the Reset now button to proceed. Hi, This problem probably caused by your themes, did your system opened the Areo desktop experience? Note: As seen in the image above, your PC will be restarted — might be more than once. He also enjoys reviewing consumer tech products (smartphones, smart home devices, etc.) Hi City High Tech, It seems to be that your version is neither Windows 10 pro version nor the enterprise version, and the one you are using is a limitted version. If you're unable to share your computer's internet because the Mobile hotspot option is grayed out (be it in the Action Center, taskbar network settings menu, or the Windows Settings menu), the solutions listed in this guide will help to fix things up. You can also disable Airplane mode from the Windows Action Center. It seems to be that your version is neither Windows 10 pro version nor the enterprise version, and the one you are using is a limitted version. Try the following steps to try to bring the icons back to working as they should. You will get a prompt notifying you that Windows is attempting to start the 'Windows Mobile Hotspot Service' on your computer. If you don't see the Start option, you can tap Restart. The Domain choice is grayed out. If the network your PC is connected to has a 'No internet, secured' label, the Mobile hotspot will be grayed out. Step 2: If the airplane icon is against a blue backdrop, that means the Airplane mode is enabled. Here's how to get it done. In rare instances where Mobile hotspot remains greyed out despite applying the fixes above, you should try (re)starting 'Windows Mobile Hotspot Service' through the Microsoft Management Console. Step 1: Tap the airplane icon at the bottom-left corner of the taskbar. Other network glitches (the Unidentified Network error, for example) could also cause Mobile hotspot not to work on your Windows 10 computer. Next up: In that case, you should check and troubleshoot your router—if your device is connected to a wireless network. Resetting network settings will hamper all previous configurations you've made to your PC's Bluetooth, Wi-Fi networks, VPN, and Ethernet connections. Let’s check them out. Click on Join a domain. You can take your PC closer to the router or the other way round, i.e., move the router to your PC. This is a long hack, but it is also one way to disable Airplane mode on your Windows computer. Right-click on the taskbar and select ‘ Properties ’ On the Taskbar tab, click on ‘ Customize ’ under the ‘ Notification Area’ segment. Step 2: Next, type services.msc into the Open dialog box and hit Enter on your keyboard or tap OK. Step 1: Launch the Windows Run box using the 'Windows key + R' keyboard shortcut. Check them out. This will launch the Microsoft Management Console. You can pin the Recycle Bin on the Start menu in Windows 10. You may choose to use Windows Update to upgrade to Windows 10 build 10041, or download the Windows 10 build 10041 ISO through the link below: You should first click the check box of Domain, then the box should be ready to input the domain name: Or you may click the Start Button, select Settings, then navigate to system->About, on the right side, click join a domain: Click on Start button and go to Settings > System > About. Run Windows Update and install all updates and install the latest build and restart your PC and try again. If you don't have the time to read the guide, follow the steps below to reset network settings on Windows 10. After that check if the Mobile hotspot is now available on your computer. © 2020 Guiding Media Pvt Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Can you join the PC to the domain by using this way? However, it does not affect our editorial integrity. Also, your network adapters will be removed but reinstalled. Step 2: Tap the airplane icon with a blue backdrop to disable Airplane mode. Are you logged on with an account that is a local Administrator? Quick Fact: The Windows 10 Mobile hotspot feature lets you share your PC's internet with a maximum of eight (8) devices concurrently. Why is that? Does your computer lose internet connection after waking up from sleep in Windows 10? Paul Adare - FIM CM MVP Sodiq has written thousands of tutorials, guides, and explainers over the past 3 years to help people solve problems relating to Android, iOS, and Windows devices. You should check it out. That's all you need to do to make a Mobile hotspot available and useable on your Windows 10 computer. Step 1: Tap the note-like icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen. If not, what kind of account did you set up when you upgraded to Windows 10? If problem persist, report it using Feedback App. and previously worked with GearBest in that capacity. Step 2: Next, tap Airplane mode on the left-hand menu. On Tue, 24 Mar 2015 14:21:49 +0000, City High Tech wrote: Did a fresh install of Win 10 TP 9926 on a Dell Latitude 10 tablet with an Atom processor Want to join a domain but the choice is greyed out? Did a fresh install of Win 10 TP 9926 on a Dell Latitude 10 tablet with an Atom processor. Therefore, if Mobile hotspot is grayed out on your Windows 10 PC or laptop, check whether Airplane Mode is disabled. The above article may contain affiliate links which help support Guiding Tech. Now, proceed to disable Airplane mode. Open the run box and type WinVer, then share the screenshots here. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact The options to enable them in the Taskbar Properties screen may also be grayed out. The Mobile Hotspot feature was introduced by Microsoft in 2016 when it launched the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Build 1607). Click on ‘ Turn system icons on or off ’ Also, make sure under Icons and Behaviours, ‘ Network ’ matches with ‘ Show icon and notifications ’ share your PC's (wired or wireless) internet, when you reset Windows 10 network settings, 8 Ways to Fix Wi-Fi Doesn't Connect After Sleep in Windows 10, What Is Programmable Taskbar in Windows 10 and How to Disable It, Where Are Bluetooth Settings in Windows 10 and How to Use Them. The content remains unbiased and authentic. There are several ways to disable Airplane Mode on Windows 10. Read the article linked below to learn how to fix the problem of Wi-Fi doesn't connect after sleep or hibernate. In this guide, we list four solutions to a common issue that renders the feature unusable for some Windows 10 users. Step 3: Finally, toggle off the switch right under the Airplane mode option. Want to join a domain but the choice is greyed out? Last updated on 18 Jul, 2020 Step 2: Scroll to the end of the Status menu and select Network reset. Step 3: Scroll through the list of services in the windows and locate 'Windows Mobile Hotspot Service'.