Your account was created. Ad Choices. Recipes. No list of Madonna’s most memorable videos is complete without this sexy, clever and hilarious dance-heavy clip. Whoops! Probably the best is Natasha Bedingfield‘s stunner from 2007. As the song progresses, we see images of people along the street and content representing the religious concepts of rebirth and damnation. The music video is frequently listed as one of the top groundbreaking music videos of all time. This video is the first of several collaborations between Madonna and director David Fincher on this list. Her fifth studio album Erotica was released three weeks after her coffee table book Sex divided critics, many saying the artist had simply gone too far. It looks as though you’ve already said that. Jump in. "Express Yourself" (1989) Taking total control of the artistic process, Madonna worked with director … It was also shown in a cinematic release to movie theaters in Santa Monica, California, New York, New York, and Chicago, Illinois. These days, the Justify My Love video honestly looks fairly tame—not to mention tastefully, artfully photographed. Another visually stunning collaboration with David Fincher, this was Madonna’s most autobiographical clip up to that point, maybe ever. Inspiration. Actor Leon Robinson portrays a saint inspired by Martin de Porres, the patron saint of mixed-race people and those who seek interracial harmony. She filmed Madonna's "Secret" video at the Lenox Lounge in Harlem, New York. But lesser artists who haven’t seen the staying power or influence of the Queen of Pop merely push our buttons on a surface level, without having much to say or leaving us with much to chew on. (A Man After Midnight),” and this is only the second time ever that the Swedish pop group allowed another artist to touch their catalogue. Bill Lamb is a music and arts writer with two decades of experience covering the world of entertainment and culture. The next day, Madonna released this video, which proved highly controversial. Copyright law, as well as other applicable federal and state laws, the content on this website may not be reproduced, distributed, displayed, transmitted, cached, or otherwise used, without the prior, express, and written permission of Athlon Media Group. Angry at the ban, Madonna appeared on ABC's "Nightline" to defend her work. Madonna's reaction to the controversy was a statement saying, "Art should be controversial, and that's all there is to it.". The lyrics of the song are deeply haunting, exploring the emptiness one feels when unwilling to connect and be vulnerable. "Rolling Stone" listed "Vogue" as the #2 music video of all time in 1999 second only to Michael Jackson's "Thriller.". Critics praised Madonna for confronting the Venetian legacy of brutally punishing sexual misconduct by bringing her sexually charged music and imagery to the screen surrounded by the city. Filmed as a fast-paced time-lapse exploration of everyday life in cities around the world, the Jonas Akerlund directed music video for "Ray Of Light" is one of Madonna's most celebrated. Madonna’s most underrated talent has always been her gifts as a songwriter, and “What It Feels Like For a Girl,” lyrically barbed but sonically soothing, is one of her best, most radical tracks. The choreography was designed by Karole Armitage who earned a Tony Award nomination for the choreography of the 2009 revival of the Broadway musical "Hair. It reportedly cost $5 million to create. Among the cities featured in the clip are Los Angeles, New York, London, Las Vegas, and Stockholm. Whoops! “Oh Father” sees an adult Madonna finding grace with her dad; their relationship was strained ever since her mother died when Madonna was 5 years old. The street environment of the 1980's clip brings to mind Madonna's own early career in dance clubs. MTV asked for it to be removed, but Madonna refused. Director Melodie McDaniel first gained acclaim as a photographer for album artwork. This brassy ode to female empowerment is Madonna at her most soulful (“Come on, girls! From “Vogue” and “Material Girl” to “Hung Up” and “Give Me All Your Luvin’,” we ranked Madonna’s 25 best music videos. You seem to be logged out. It won the Grammy Award for Best Short Form Video as well as five MTV Video Music Awards including Video of the Year. There was an error in your submission. It’s a sign of Madonna’s eminence that a single used to promote her first greatest hits collection is now considered a signature track. The clip is filmed in a lush photographic black and white. However, disagreements over concept ended the collaboration. Madonna can be such a brilliant actor, and her performance as a broken, unhappy woman whose self-destructive behavior gets her killed is one of her best. Oh, what a joy it was for Madonna fans when in 2015, more than three decades into her career, The Queen of Pop dropped one of her best tracks ever. Pope John Paul II intervened on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church and encouraged Italian music fans to boycott Madonna. However, after the uncensored version of "American Life" was shown on some European and Latin American TV outlets, Madonna abruptly withdrew the video with the following statement, "I have decided not to release my new video. It was deemed too racy by MTV and banned from broadcast on the network. One of the key factors in Madonna’s unrivaled longevity is her willingness to experiment, over and over and over. At the heart of this legendary clip, beneath all of Madonna’s expertly engineered, admittedly shocking theatrics, lies a message about civil rights that’s lost none of its relevance nearly three decades later.