thank you for having the supplies for us to attempt to repair it on our own. Make sure the tub is still sealed on the back side wall. Placed the door back on the lower hinge support. was very simple. All you do is pop out the old wheel unit at two (2) points on the plastic wheel housing and pop in the new one. Relief! The gear is made of metal, unfortunately, over time the teeth may wear out. Have a rusty, old, or damaged handle on your gas grill that needs replacing? Another note, my original belt tensioner did not have a rolling wheel that the belt rode on , but was a semi-circle smooth surface that the belt remained in constant friction with when the dyer was running, so I made sure the replacement tensioner I ordered with my new belt did have a rolling wheel that the belt would ride on, which I believe will reduce wear and extend the belt life. This OEM authentic part is to be used in stand mixers made by KitchenAid and Whirlpool. KENOME 4.5/5 Quart Flex Edge Beater for KitchenAid Tilt-Head Stand Mixer,All-Metal Die Cast Beater … Now you can remove the masking tape that was holding the belt around the tub and spin the tub by hand watching the belt making sure it is not in a bind and is traveling around the motor pully , tensioner and tub freely. The dryer is still on its back side. This part is compatible with the mixer models listed below.A screwdriver is needed for repair. This was a cheap and easy repair and glad I did it myself. These brushes are keyed and will only go in one way to work correctly. I pulled the tub out and cleaned the years of built up lent and removed all the pieces of the old , destroyed, belt. It is specially designed for Whirlpool stand mixers. All rights reserved. This part is sold individually. The top of the dryer will fold back out of the way. This is an original part from Whirlpool for use with stand mixers. did not install water inlet kit yet. Follow the instructions routing diagram. take out ice bucket, just loosen the top 2 screws, remove the bottom screw, slide ice maker up & out, srewdriver to release wiring harness clip, reverse to put back in. Locating this number helps us get you the correct parts. Quick Fix: How to Replace the Handle on a Gas Grill, Quick Fix: How to Replace the Burners on a Char-Broil Tru-Infrared Gas Grill, Brush And Spring (2 Required To Make A Set). According to KitchenAid, the life expectancy of a KitchenAid stand mixer varies greatly, depending on details such as the number of persons using it, what it is being used for and many other factors. Please refer to the owner's manual and diagrams of your model to ensure the proper installation. I went on line and found the parts at this site and they were less than the minimum service call charge for a service tech so I figured what the heck let's give her a shot so I did give it a shot. I called an experienced plumber, who balanced and installed my new dishwasher properly, using the brackets I ordered from Parts Select, after an INEXPERIENCED plumber had tossed the factory-provided mounting brackets out with the shipping carton. Here is a list of tools that are needed to replace the bevel gear a flathead screwdriver (large and small), hammer, punch, Phillips screwdriver (large and small), large Phillips driver ratchet, rubber mallet. The worm bevel gear meshes with the worm gear, causing the rotation of the planetary assembly where the accessories attached. Replacing brushes can fix a motor that’s operating intermittently. Now, it was easier for me to route the belt around the center of the tub, following the marks from the original belt, and hold in in place in a few spots with masking tape and then route it thru the tensioner and onto the front pully of the motor. Now put the front panel with the door on by sliding it onto the two clips that are one the bottom at each side and put the two screws in that hold the front panel to the two side panels. Now I was able to lift the front panel up and set it to the side. Note, the belt tentioner is located at the front of the motor which on the bottom right hand side. Note, when replacing this part, to help reduce friction, planetary grease is required. Removed the top hinge support. but i did do good inside. Easy fix. The worm gear is part of the drive system that rotates the attachments for your mixer. I knew the chances of all the freon leaking out was unlikely so I looked at the wiring to the compressor and there was a capacitor and a starter/overload so i figured I would start there. The most common reasons for replacing the worm bevel gear is if the teeth are worn out or damaged, or you hear the motor come on but nothing is moving. We didn't know where the product went and it was very difficult to install. Since the tub was held in place by floating on a seal at the back of the dryer and a seal on the front panel , which I just removed the tub is now free floating except for the two alignment roller wheels at the bottom of the tub.