Affordable Prices for salmon per pound. Less well-known salmon-brand brands usually send their salmons to salmon-market at lower prices so they can attract more salmon buyers. To get all the way down to $15 per pound, you usually need to join some kind of local buying club or make a bulk purchase. ☑ 5 lbs of 8 oz portions $34 per pound ☑ 10 lbs of 8 oz portions $24.5 per lbs ☎ 1-253-709-1000 ☑ Chinook Salmon ☑ King Salmon Only the best quality salmon! But some fish lovers have found ways to catch it for less. You can also go to online stores that sell and distribute king salmon directly and without intermediaries at a reasonable price, and after receiving the information and price of each product, you can order it and deliver your desired king salmon to the door. Buy King Salmon at the best price Free shipping for orders over $350! Sockeye Salmon Price per Pound. Peter Pan Seafoods has also matched that base price, and is offering $0.15 (€0.13) more per pound for chilled fish and an additional $0.05 (€0.04) per pound for its "premium chilled incentive." Alaskan King Salmon by the pound - Tanner's Fish shipped fresh. Salmon filets such as a Copper River king, Alaskan king, and Columbia River king can sell for anywhere from $7 to $24 per pound depending on the type of salmon. 100% wild and natural, caught in Cook Inlet, hand trimmed, flash frozen, flavor sealed. Specifications on king salmon price per pound The daily price of king salmon types in the market can be seen by visiting the sales markets. Copper River King Salmon are the Cadillac of fish, and this year they're going for record wholesale prices of $50 a pound. Wild Alaskan King Salmon is known to be the best of all the Salmon from Alaska! Co-owner Jon Spelt expected pricing for Copper River King Salmon to hit the upper $40s per pound. As a rough estimate, sockeye salmon might cost somewhere between $15-$30 per pound—or even more for small orders with higher delivery costs. Hard not to be," Tom Rogotzke, who catches and sells the Alaska salmon through his Minnesota-based company, told IntraFish. White King salmon can be in the $20 per pound range as well. This is the most important factor in determining the price of a salmon. Monterey Harbormaster Steve Scheiblauer remembers about 15 years ago, when local salmon was fetching less than $1 per pound off the boat. These fillets, often referred to steaks as well, will be prepped and ready to be thrown on the grill or frying pan. "I am disappointed. Another factor influencing the price of a salmon is the Benefits of using salmon.