The Kaukauna brand is also found on cheese balls and cheese logs, which are offered in flavors similar to the spreadable product, and on a variety of Mexican sauces & dips, which include cheese items as well as salsa and French onion and ranch dips. Kaukauna; WisPride; Merkts; Owl's Nest; Price's; The Laughing Cow; MiniBabyBel; Connoisseur. Kaukauna Cheese was sold to Minneapolis-based International Multifoods Corporation in 1971. Fax: (920) 478-2774 International Directory of Company Histories. © 2019 | All rights reserved. Cheese contest sponsored by the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association, as well as the Governor's Sweepstakes Award at the 2003 Wisconsin State Fair. Other cheese makers would soon follow the company's lead and introduce their own products using Simplesse 100. At one point the company, along with General Mills and Pillsbury, was a member of the "Big Three" in U.S flour milling, but Robin Hood always lagged behind the others in brand recognition. U.S.A. Nearly all of its consumer products were losing market share and only one, Kretschmer Wheat Germ, was a market leader. His father, Peter Fassbender, was born in Prussia in 1838 and moved with his mother and stepfather to the United States in 1856, landing in New York and settling in Wisconsin. In 1933. In addition, the company manufactures and markets a number of brands picked up from its corporate parent, including spreadable cheese brands WisPride, Merkts, Owl's Nest, and Connoisseur; The Laughing Cow processed cheese wedges; Mini Baybel natural cheeses; and Price's pimiento cheese spreads. After first establishing the business by selling the crocks to taverns, Fassbender sold it in retail channels and gradually made it into a national brand. The increases continued until 1984, but disturbing signs were emerging. Kaukauna Klub cheese became a nationwide model for other spreadable cheese products due to It popularity. Then, in the 1980s, Kaukauna Cheese expanded its product offering to include a line of Mexican-style cheese dips and other sauces. Mauril, B.A. Lincolnshire, Illinois 60069-3640 After some experimentation he perfected the production of cold pack cheese that could be spread at room temperature. In 1974, Kaukauna Cheese moved to its present facility in the Little Chute Industrial Park in Little Chute, Wisconsin. From shop FrankieFreddie. Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201 801 West Madison Street Sharma-Jensen, Geeta, "Cheesemaker Consolidating," Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, February 4, 1997, p. 8. Telephone: (920) 478-2191 Incorporated:…, 300 Tower Parkway Excelsior Springs, Missouri 64024 Using Appleton, Wisconsin, as his main distribution point, Fassbender began shipping his product all over the country. Kraft Foods North America, Inc.; Saputo Cheese USA Inc.; Sargento Foods Inc. Boardman, Arlen, "Fromageries Bel U.S. Headquarters Moving to Little Chute, Wis.," Post-Crescent, Appleton, Wis., February 5, 1997. The transaction was completed in early 1987 and Kaukauna Cheese was once again an independent company, with Gilbert serving as president and chief executive officer. You re bidding on a vintage Kaukauna Klub Cheese Crock w/Lid & Bail . Fromageries Bel's New Jersey-based subsidiary, Bel Cheese USA, Inc., would purchase the assets of Kaukauna Cheese, which included a manufacturing and distribution facility in Little Chute, a retail store in the town, and a refrigerated ware-house in Neenah, Wisconsin. Finally, Fromageries Bel decided to rename its U.S. operations Bel/Kaukauna USA. $20.00. (510) 271-7000 This crock was produced for the Kaukauna Klub Wisconsin Dairy Products Co. In November 1995, Wisconsin Attorney General Jim Doyle filed suit against Bel Cheese USA, alleging that its use of the Wispride trademark, which indicated the cheese products came from Wisconsin, amounted to false advertising. Bel/Kaukauna received a major break in 2003 when "The South Beach Diet" book, which became a runaway bestseller, included a wedge of Laughing Cow light cheese and a pear as an afternoon snack in a sample meal plan. With the development of highly specialized production equipment in the 1970s, Kaukauna Cheese was able to satisfy growing demand for its … Public Company The Kaukauna Klub brand was introduced and copyrighted in 1933, the year the firm also began to market the product in the gray stone crock. He had to be content to take advantage of the trend as much as possible while he could. It was a good way to make use of old cheese beginning to dry up and was no doubt produced by frugal people long before Hubert Fassbender began tinkering with the idea. Kaukauna Cheese was doing well in the mid-1990s, generating annual sales in the $50 million range, but when it was approached by Fromageries Bel about selling the business, management listened. Buckley (Athabasca) Minister of Northern Affairs, Bélanger, Hon. In the early 1960s the company began an aggressive diversification effort into the consumer foods markets and over the next decade acquired more than 40 companies, including a number of niche-market food products companies like Kaukauna Cheese. Under French ownership that would not change. Other Wisconsin cheese makers followed his example and … The flavors come through, and the product remains spreadable at room temperature. (414) 751-1000 The New Jersey office and its marketing team would continue to market the Bel brands and Price's brands, while Wispride marketing would be taken over by the Kaukauna marketing group. "In life, you can't pick your moments, and this is a company we respect, they approached us, and discussions took off from there." Other Wisconsin cheese makers followed his example and began launching their own brands of club cheese. Fax: (510) 832-1463