The inspiration behind Love Cocoa comes from founder James Cadbury's, great-great-great grandfather John Cadbury, who set up Cadbury chocolate nearly 200 years ago. The Cadbury family is a prominent British family of Quaker industrialists descending from Richard Tapper Cadbury.. Richard Tapper Cadbury (1768–1860) draper and abolitionist, who financed his sons' start-up business . Wiki. The Cadbury History. John Cadbury (1801–1889), Quaker, family patriarch and founder of the Cadbury chocolate company working with two brothers ∞ Candia Barrow Cadbury née Barrow John Cadbury is a member of Entrepreneur Net worth… I am doing a presentation at school about John Cadbury and why he should keep all his money, but I can't seem to find out how much he is worth! 0 75 . The philanthropist built Cadbury on great ethical grounds, looking after … To a … John Cadbury is born into a wealthy, Quaker practicing, anti-slavery campaigning family in August 1801. In 1824, his father lends him the money to open a one man grocery business next door to the family house in Birmingham. Until recently there was a single prevailing narrative of Cadbury, one to a large extent fostered and polished by the firm itself. Cadbury boss receives £30m sweetener, but U.S. takeover leaves staff with only job fears. :S. Answer Save. Richard Barrow Cadbury (29 August 1835 – 22 March 1899) was the second son of the Quaker John Cadbury, founder of Cadbury', s cocoa and chocolate company.Together with his younger brother George he took over the family business in 1861 and in 1878 they acquired 14 acres (57,000 m?) Favorite Answer. By Rupert Steiner for the Daily Mail Updated: 04:44 EST, 4 February 2010 of land in open country, four miles (6 km) south of Birmingham where they opened a new factory in 1879. 1 decade ago. 1 Answer. After Quaker school, he works in a Leeds tea shop. It was the saga of a shop-owning family, from John to George and Richard, of Quaker enterprise and Quaker values, underpinned by a … John Cadbury. Two years later, aged 24, he marries. Relevance 'Sunnyside Up' Lv 7. CADBURY’S grandson has blasted the chocolate firm after claims it paid ZERO corporation tax despite making £185million profit in UK last year. Mrs Loudon, 61, the great-great-grandaughter of John Cadbury who founded the business in 1824, said: 'I can't accept that Cadbury has gone to America. How much is John Cadbury worth? Chocolate entrepreneur who created the modern chocolate bar and founded Cadbury plc. John Cadbury was born on August 12, 1802 in England. Tom Ford March 5, 2017. Richard Cadbury Net Worth.