While the North American oak and Japanese oak are related, the Japanese white oak tree is evergreen, due to this it does not have a conspicuous open grain like the American white and red oak. ... Wood Species. Yaki means to use fire, and sugi refers to the type of Japanese cedar traditionally used (a soft timber native to Japan). Japanese Oak timber, Quercus spp., timber specification and images Competitive pricing and shortest lead time. Comments: Japanese Oak tends to have a slower growth rate than other temperate species of Europe or North America. Material Notes: Usual surface texture: Medium Dimensional changes when dried lumber is subjected to variations in humidity during service: Medium Resistance to fungal decay (Heartwood in ground contact): Moderately Durable (10 … It was introduced in the United States in 1878. One of the oldest and largest known Zelkova trees is called the Great Zelkova Nomo, in Toyono Nose, Osaka, Japan. In hill states of India, besides fuelwood and timber, the locals use oak wood for agricultural implements. Nakamoto Forestry is the largest producer and supplier of Japanese burnt wood siding (shou sugi ban) in the US & Canada. The Japanese white oak wood used for Japanese Bokken, greatly differs from the white oak wood referred to when speaking about North American Bokken. Lastly, as the wood is more porous than other types of oak, Japanese oak casks are prone to leaking. Yakisugi is a traditional Japanese technique for wood preservation. Condition. … Keyaki is the Japanese word for the wood from the Zelkova serrata tree. Reclaimed Oak Timber (166B) £35.00. Hardwood/Softwood. see all. As you can expect, the great Japanese whisky makers weren’t all too excited to work with their domestically grown oak. £5.49 1m x 45cm Alkor Vinyl Woodgrain Beige White Oak Self Adhesive Sticky Back Plastic. see all. This species, Quercus acuta, is often confused in commerce with other evergreen oak species such as Quercus glauca and Quercus myrsinifolia. The wood is highly prized by Japanese woodworkers for its beautiful grain, and is used to fashion items as small as bowls to large pieces of furniture. see all. The higher density of oak gives the drum a brighter and louder tone compared to traditional materials such as maple and birch. Their functional designs bear consistent minimalistic look that come with … Reclaimed Japanese Quarter Cut Oak Timber (193B) £40.00. And if these issues weren’t enough to deal with, the oak also presented issues on the palate for whisky drinkers. see all. Japanese oak is used for professional drums made by Yamaha Drums. New. £5.49 1m x 45cm Aragon Bark Brown Self Adhesive Sticky Back Plastic Vinyl Fablon D-C-Fix. Laminart designs and manufactures innovative high-pressure decorative laminates and Veneer-Art brand pre-finished wood veneers. Country/Region of Manufacture. Japanese Oak JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. 11 watching. £15.00 postage. As a result, the wood tends to be slightly lighter and weaker (on account of its increased proportion of earlywood pores) than standbys such as White Oak, though this also gives the wood more uniformity and easier workability. The Kaneko brothers are the 4th generation of a Japanese furniture manufacturers. Japanese Red Oak; Akagashi is generally found in the mountain ranges in the west part of Japan and has gotten its name from the fact that the wood has a distinct red hue to it compared to other oak woods. Material. Japanese Oak Wood Categories: Wood and Natural Products; Wood; Hardwood. 1m x 45cm Alkor Oak Woodgrain Japanese Wood Self Adhesive Sticky Back Wrap Vinyl. Japanese evergreen oak is native to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and parts of China. see all. Treating wood by burning is no new thing — Shou Sugi Ban (焼杉板) uses the method of Yakisugi to char its wood and provide a burnt finish.