Some fruits take a lot of work, but raspberries are hardy and get few diseases. Problems. Find out more here. Fertilizing Raspberry Plants. Plant Development and Care. There are two types of raspberries, June bearing and everbearing. Everbearing raspberries produce two crops, one in June and one in the fall (September through the first frost). Some soils may contain all that is needed for vigorous raspberry growth, but some may lack the necessary nutrients. Raspberries are high in nutrients, low in sugar, contain anti-aging antioxidants, and protect against chronic disease, according to a nutritionist. Fertilizing is an excellent way to replenish the nutrients in your soil, most commonly nitrogen. It is a good idea to test the soil prior to planting raspberries. Yellow leaves: Raspberries can suffer from iron deficiency, especially if your soil pH is too high. Tomato; Eggplant; Peppers; Problems and Solutions for Growing Raspberries. Test … Nitrogen encourages the green leafy growth and stems, which ultimately feed and support future fruit when your raspberry plants in their fruit-bearing years. June bearing produce a heavy crop of berries from June through early July. Garden soil preparation for raspberry bushes should begin months to a year before planting. A good mulch around the plants will help conserve moisture.