Before understanding how to become a critical care nurse, we need to first look at what exactly is a critical care nurse. To become a critical care nurse or ICU nurse, you must first become a registered nurse before you can start working. To become a critical care nurse, a health professional must first become a registered nurse, which requires a bachelor’s or associate degree. There are three ways to become an RN . A critical care nurse is a licensed professional nurse who is responsible for ensuring that acutely and critically ill patients and their families receive optimal care.” Nurses choosing to go into critical care can work in many areas of a facility and have several opportunities available to them. They work with critically ill patients of all ages. A nurse can fulfill the requirement by AACN for CCRN certification by choosing one of these options: 1.1,750 hours experience working as an APRN or RN offering direct care to acute/critical patients for the past two years. Individuals searching for How to Become a Critical Care Nurse: Education and Career Roadmap found the following information relevant and useful. The Critical Care Nurse performs various diagnostic tests, administers medications, and develops patient care plans in conjunction with other medical professionals. A critical care nurse is a professional who deals with seriously ill patients in the intensive care unit. Critical care nurses are a special breed of healthcare professionals who work with and care for critically ill patients in emergency rooms, intensive care units or in-home care settings. Their responsibilities and duties are very similar to that of the emergency room and staff nurses. Provides professional nursing care to assigned patients in the critical/coronary care unit. Registered nurses can advance to the critical care nursing profession after earning a critical care certification and state license and gaining one to five years of on-the-job experience caring for acutely or critically ill patients. Nurses who take the AACN route provides training and certification test to RNs aspiring to become critical care nurses in the neonatal, pediatric or adult field. These nurses do not only care for the patients, but also help doctors administer treatment and monitor the conditions of the patients. As an aspiring nurse, you must first complete one of the three kinds of educational nursing programs and pass the NCLEX-RN licensing examination to become a Registered Nurse (RN). What does a Critical Care Nurse do? Critical care nursing offers multiple opportunities for career development in clinical specialist roles, nurse management and leadership roles as well as audit and research.