There are a lot of over hyped products and scams out there that will have you believe you can put on 20 pounds of muscle in a month… all you need to do is buy their product, and hey presto, you’re a muscle building god! You must realise that most people will never be able to create a huge muscular physique like bodybuilders at the top of their game. Modern technology, resistance exercise and sports make it easy to build muscles without supplements. You can do chest training to avoid injuries after doing sit-ups before your back. For most average drug free aspiring bodybuilders, the muscular size of the pros will never be achievable. For this purpose, you should provide the body with the right amount of calories, based on high-quality proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. The number of repetitions is adapted to the weight you are using. You’ll need a good training program, diet plan, rest and patience to see it through and hit your goals. This is just a rough idea, taking into account some of the essential growth factors I talk about earlier. Too deep faith in the superpower of powders and pills, it can lead to disappointment, and will also divert attention from the basics of what training and diet are. Going this way you will undoubtedly achieve success and you will build your body the way you want – a well-looking and comfortable figure. How to build muscle without taking any supplements. The workout you should start with the largest part of your muscles – it means your legs. As I mentioned above, the importance of muscle mass building supplements merely is oversaturated. I’m a weightlifter, and I’m very much interested in health and fitness subjects. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'weightliftingplace_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_1',140,'0','0']));As with the answer at the beginning of this article, of course, you can build muscle mass without using supplements. If the mass of your muscles does not increase, start eating more calories – follow the guidelines as above. He has written hundreds of articles on training, nutrition, and supplementation, some of which have been featured on the worlds largest bodybuilding publications. If an adequate caloric and protein surplus are ensured in your diet, adding nutrients will not only result in a faster increase in your muscle mass but will increase the level of body fat. For example, an excellent source of BCAAs, i.e., branched chain amino acids are eggs, meat, fish and dairy products; they even occur in vegetable products. Yes, you can build muscle without taking supplements – and we’re gonna show you how. But is faith in the strength of supplements exaggerated? If not then drink about 0.7 L of water for every pound of lost body weight, says Dr. Larry Kenney, a physiologist at Pennsylvania State University. Everyone has unique circumstances that will determine their rate of muscle growth – age, genetics (body type), diet, meal timing, lifestyle, training routine, rest and recovery schedule, motivation and consistency. These natural activities and treatments have few side effects. In turn, the time between the next sets of a given exercise should be for a beginner from 60 to 120 seconds. Yes, you can build muscles without taking any supplements. If you like this post? I live in London, UK, where I enjoy my weightlifting more... Have you been wondering: can I do weightlifting with a hangover?The short answer is: you shouldn't do weightlifting with a hangover. Due to the little experience of the beginner, the maladjustment of muscles and the capacity for high overloads, it is better to do this training, focusing on individual exercises. Let’s be honest: the vast majority of supplements sold for building muscle mass do not work as their ads suggest. Barry holds a Level 2 Gym Instructing Certificate, but his expert knowledge comes from over 20 years of obsessive science based research on building muscle optimally. I live in London, UK, where I enjoy my weightlifting training...more... is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to[[300,250],'weightliftingplace_com-large-leaderboard-1','ezslot_6',136,'0','0']));report this ad. Thanks to such training, the muscles will get a strong stimulus, thanks to which their optimal development in the initial phase of the exercise will be possible. Usually, a frequent mistake of people who start training at the gym is too high ambitions. Stick to the following steps and you’re on a surefire road to serious gainz, brah. When building muscle without supplements, you’re making things more challenging for yourself so you need to stay disciplined.