Kenneth Henson (he later changed his name to Steve), the inventor of ranch dressing and the founder of Hidden Valley Ranch, started out as a cowboy in Nebraska. The convenience factor was somewhat lacking. As for the most popular non-salad food to enjoy ranch with — well, that would be fries and chips, of course. The blinged-out bottle was bejeweled in diamonds, sapphires, and 18-karat white gold. By the 1980s, Clorox had at least figured out how to add the buttermilk flavor to the seasoning packet so that regular milk and mayonnaise were all that was required make the dressing. With necessity being the mother of invention, Henson used what ingredients he had on hand — buttermilk, mayonnaise, and some spices and herbs – to make a salad dressing. Hidden Valley Ranch was doing well selling seasoning packets in the 1960s and 1970s, but they really hit the big time when they sold the business to brand name bleach company Clorox. From classic ranch to Secret Sauces to even dips, this special refrigerator is stocked with all the ranch goodness. Hidden Valley Ranch. In 2019, ranch dressing accounted for one billion dollars in sales in the U.S., overtaking ketchup and officially becoming America's most popular condiment, in addition to its favorite salad dressing. It's a dip. It's a salad dressing that goes on pizza, fries, and baby carrots. Their goal was to make the ranch a dude ranch or guest ranch, with outdoor activities, a guest house, and of course, hearty, home-cooked meals. And just like that, the salad dressing that can now be found on every salad bar in the country was born. Figuring out what to make for snack time and family meals 7 days a week can be tough sometimes (okay, most of the time! In sum: just buy the regular size bottle of ranch. Woodman's alleged that the lack of large containers of ranch dressing would cause them to lose customers to Costco and Sam's Club, and that Clorox may have engaged in illegal price discrimination. This Hidden Valley keg was available for a limited run online for a mere $50, offering ranch lovers the opportunity to throw an awesome party and/or test their will power. However, not every product has been a success. When Steve Henson passed away at the age of 89 in Reno, Nevada his obituary read, "He always could tell a story and make it better.". This special bottle could be the talk of the table. Should Costco members and non-Costco members alike be able to wheel gallon jugs of ranch dressing to their cars? And why is it most notably made by a company called Hidden Valley Ranch? Hidden Valley decided to lean into the concept of ranch as more than just a salad dressing starting in 2012, by launching a product with differing branding and labeling on the bottle – "the new ketchup" and "for everything" – and a slightly thicker and smoother consistency. Just because you can’t have cousin Eddie at the holiday celebration, doesn’t mean that he can’t make an impression. In 2018, in honor of National Ranch Day (yes, that's a thing), Hidden Valley Ranch created a one-of-a-kind $35,000 dollar bottle of ranch that was won by one lucky Hidden Valley Ranch fan on Twitter. Known as a beautiful, historic community … When it comes to ranch dressing, Hidden Valley sells the Original Ranch, of course, but they also sell Original Homestyle, which according to the reviews, may or may not taste different from the original. Powered by Minute Media © 2020 All Rights Reserved. A spokesperson for the brand, David Kargas, claimed that they weren't trying to replace ketchup, but were responding to market research showing that around 15 percent of ranch users ate the dressing on non-salad food items. Food Reviews, Recipes & More news from FanSided Daily. If you have a ranch lover on your holiday gift list, Hidden Valley Ranch is offering a long list of gift giving options. The courts ultimately sided with Clorox. What is your favorite food themed gift to give during the holidays? Hidden Valley Ranch solves holiday gift giving with ranch for life. Just add buttermilk and mayonnaise. While this gift is ranch for life, it will be interesting to see how quickly some ranch fans need to restock the shelves. For example, the Hidden Valley Ranch-O-Gram is a personalized ranch bottle. The true story of Hidden Valley Ranch is where rugged individualism, adventurous cowboys, and the romance of the wide-open American West meet food science, corporate conglomerates, and capitalism. "Hidden Valley Ranch will commemorate this joyous occasion by creating a one-of-a-kind bottle to honor a fellow famous American, and remind her of the familiar flavors of her home country as she resides as royalty across the pond," Hidden Valley announced in a press release.