Glass Guitar Slide - Medium. A metal guitar slide will give you a brighter tone while a glass slide … Slide guitar can be something that we all aspire to be great at. You will want the slide to fit snug so universal is not going to work well. As explained earlier, the material of the guitar slide plays a big role in the tone you hear. Bestgle Guitar Slide, Set of 3 Sizes Stainless Steel Guitar Slides Metal Hard-chrome Plated Finger Slide for Electric Acoustic Guitar Bass 4.5 out of 5 stars 30. Glass is commonly used, its warm, smooth tone making it popular with acoustic guitarists, country musicians and for the sweet, ethereal tones that elevate music towards heaven. Slides are effectively a cylindrical hollow pipe, used to slide along the strings creating a very different expressive tone that isn’t easily achieved through normal fretting. The Moulded Glass Rock Slide also has very thick walls because of the internal taper, in fact, the walls at the opening are 4mm and 6-8mm thick at the fingertip end. An ordinary guitar, either electric or acoustic, can be used for playing slide. We always aim to have a range of sizes in stock to suit most, but like I say, If you don't see the right one listed for you then drop us a message! 58mm long, 28mm outside diameter, 4mm thick There are a number of sizes as well as various materials for guitar slides, each bringing a slight change to your music.There is a lot to consider when you are buying a slide, every little detail can make a big difference. A baseball bat has a sweet spot for hitting a home run, The Rock Slide® has a sweet spot too. That’s about twice the thickness of a typical heavy wall glass slide at the end. Which finger you use the slide on is a matter of personal preference. $12.99 #41. Different types and sizes of guitar slides Material: Glass. A helpful guitar slide sizing chart is provided later to help you figure out what size slide is right for you. About Guitar Slides: Slides may be used on any guitar, but slides generally (and steels, in particular) are often used on instruments specifically made to be played in this manner, such as steel guitars, resonator guitars, lap slide guitars and electric guitars. We'll happily help, as after all, I'm really passionate about slide guitar and love to help like minded players out. Ernie Ball's glass slides are made from borosilicate glass for a durable, smooth gliding surface providing a clear, smooth tonal voice. Guitar Slide, Include 1 Brass Slide, 1 Steel Guitar Slide and 1 Glass Slide, Come With Guitar Picks However, having said that, many accomplished slide players wear it on the ring finger. I prefer to use it on the pinky so that I can use the other fingers to play chords and riffs. Guitar Slide Material. Available in three sizes for your preference and playing style. In the past old bluesmen would have taken the tops off of a bottle of wine, or used old medicine bottles.