However, there are some drawbacks to glass cooktops. $150.00. Be careful whenever moving cookware that is full of food, to avoid dropping it on the surface and breaking the glass. Heating. Glass cooktops are prone to scratching. Open the oven door completely and remove the screws from the bottom front lip of the glass cooktop... 03. Step 1 - Finding a New Cooktop. Test switches by disconnecting the power, then pulling off the H1 and H2 wires from the switch connecting to the unit that isn't heating. Wipe the paste away with a cloth afterward. 4.7 out of 5 stars 7,975. Instructions 01. This is a page about broken glass cooktop. Deep scratches can't be repaired. $51.90 shipping. However, if your cooktop has light scratching or streaking, this can be buffed out. Sometimes glass cooktops don't heat properly. Sometimes the glass is held in place by screws at the front of the cooktop; the glass then lifts out. $129.99. If it doesn't have continuity, the unit probably needs replacing; if it does have continuity, then the switch is most likely at fault. There are a number of ways to prevent damage to your cooktop. For instance, you'll have fewer problems with food burning onto the surface, and children can't burn themselves as easily on a glass cooktop. Too much buffing can dull the surface, and the scratch may be too deep to repair. A glass cooktop offers a lot of convenient features. To do this you should contact your manufacturer and ask them about replacement glass ceramic cooktops. If you drop something on the cooktop, it's possible to chip or crack the surface. Sometimes you need to remove the brackets below the cooktop and lift it out to access the glass. You can either make a paste of baking soda and water, or use a metal polishing creme. Radiant Electric Cooktop in Black with 4 Elements including Quick Boil Element Beautiful Ceramic glass cooktop is easy to Beautiful Ceramic glass cooktop is easy to clean. Tip: Shutting off the... 02. Don't use anything too abrasive on the cooktop, as you can add more scratches. Unplug the range or shut off the circuit breaker for the range. However, if your cooktop has light... Chips and Cracks. How to Repair a Glass Cooktop Scratches. If it doesn't look like this is improving the scratch, stop. The wand comes with a replacement head which is easy to replace. 30" x 21" Kenmore Black Glass Cooktop Profile Replacement Stovetop. Aluminum or stainless-steel cookware is best, although you also can use cast-iron. Some problems that you may encounter with a glass cooktop are easier to repair than others. Amazon's Choice for glass cooktop repair kit. 98. Let the cooktop cool a little before cleaning these spills. If the cooktop isn't heating, your problem may be a faulty switch. FREE Shipping. The method of removing and replacing the glass varies depending upon your cooktop. Black Porc-a-Fix Porcelain High Heat Touch up Kit Repairs Porcelain and Enamel: Chips, Cracks, and Scratches in Stoves, Fireplaces, Barbecue Grills, Tubs, and Sinks. How to Fix Scratches on Smooth-Top Ranges, How to Troubleshoot an Electric Flat Cooktop, How to Clean Stuff: How to Remove Scratches From Glass Stove Tops, Fisher & Paykel: User Guide Ceramic Glass Cooktop, Cooktop Repair Guide, Cookware Manufacturers Association: Choosing Cookware for a Glass Cook Top, Home-Tech: Preventing Induction Glass Cooktop Breakage or Cooktop Repairs, Comparing Cleaning an Enamel Cooktop vs. Glass Cooktop, What to Use for Protection of Cast Iron Skillets on a Smooth Cooktop. Pans with flat, smooth bottoms are best to avoid scratching. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. This basic cooktop glass replacement procedure works for … Other options New It can be done. Home of where you can purchase replacement glass cook tops Above is a GE Spectra range with a cracked glass cook top and below is after the glass cook top was replaced or Best Offer. Open the cooktop. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 2. In both instances, be sure the power has been turned off before making repairs. 30 in. If a pot cooking foods containing significant quantities of sugar overflow or spill, the spill needs to be cleaned as soon as possible, as it can cause marks or pitting in the glass, which is fairly harmless but unsightly. 25. They don't work well with certain types of cookware, and there are a number of ways to damage the surface. If the glass top on your electric cooktop cracks or breaks, follow the step-by-step instructions in this cooktop repair guide to replace it. Features a powerful 3,000-Watt Quick Boil Element, SpaceWise Expandable Element that expands to accommodate various sizes of cookware, and easy to use ready select controls. Pick up cookware rather than sliding it. If you drop something on the cooktop, it's possible to chip or crack the surface. The very first step is to locate a cooktop which is suitable for your model of cooker. Avoid coated pans with colored bottoms, as the paint can fuse to the cooktop. $100.00. Overheating also can be caused by a bad switch. 8272772 Kenmore Range Maintop Assembly Cooktop 8187885 White. Using a cracked glass cooktop is dangerous and poses a risk of electrical shock. Rub the paste using a soft cloth in a circular pattern. Weiman Glass Cooktop Heavy Duty Cleaner and Polish - 20 Ounce - Non-Abrasive No Scratch Induction Glass Ceramic Stove Top Cleaner and Polish. $26.25 $ 26. Original, high quality Range / Cooktop / Oven Glass Top or Cook Top Parts and other parts in stock with fast shipping and award winning customer service. It is an added bonus the wand works with water and does not require chemical cleaning solutions! If the glass top on your range breaks there are really only two options. Amazon's Choice for glass cooktop replacement. Deep scratches can't be repaired. 4.0 out of 5 stars 250. The only way to be sure the cooktop is safe is to replace it or to replace the glass. Buy today - ships today. Having a cleaning wand to apply pressure to tough burnt on messes on my glass cooktop makes cleaning the cooktop so much easier. Don't use the surface as a cutting board, and don't use it to store heavy objects. $53.86 shipping. 316456239 KENMORE RANGE COOKTOP free shipping. Was: $200.00. Glass cooktops are prone to scratching. Free shipping. Save 5% more with Subscribe & Save. Turn off power to the range. Most manufacturer's have a ready supply of spare parts which should be the quickest way to source the spare parts. Read through the detailed instructions below before starting replacement of the glass top on your electric cooktop, then use a manufacturer-approved replacement part to make the repair. Test the wires with an ohmmeter, which will register if there is continuity in the switch, or whether electricity can flow properly in the switch. One is to buy a whole new stove, secondly you can try to replace just the top. How to Replace a Glass Stovetop on Frigidaire Model PLEF398ACA.