Tyrion is the scheming Imp, quick to take poor Sansa from loving Joffrey's arms. And Eddard? Ron Hogan is a freelance writer from Louisville, Kentucky who got an English degree from a college no one has ever heard of. Of course, Euron wants to throw his support behind the true queen of Westeros, but he can’t do that without ships, and he can’t do that because while he’s being drowned and crowned, Yara and Theon are sneaking off with the whole of the Ironborn fleet. Everyone deserves redemption, and Jorah more than most. Talk about an emotional wringer. Baelish, for once, seems lost for words. Martin's books. It begins, pleasantly enough, with Sansa finally getting to confront Littlefinger. Littlefinger is out for Littlefinger. Read Ron’s review of the previous episode, Book Of The Stranger, here. Haha. This was the best episode of Season 6 so far, and one of the best I've seen of the entire show. These are the "elves" of Game of Thrones. After dropping out…, review of the previous episode, Book Of The Stranger, here, Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Trailer, Details, Episode Guide, and More, Guide to the Hugo Awards: Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form), Game of Thrones: 8 Best Episodes to Rewatch Before Season 8, Game Of Thrones finale, season 8 episode 6 review: The Iron Throne, Funko Gift Guide: Best Funko Pop Figures and Toys for the Holidays, Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 5 Easter Eggs Explained, LEGO Gift Guide: Best LEGO Sets for the Holidays, New Netflix Christmas Movies in 2020 Ranked from Best to Worst, Game Of Thrones season 6 episode 5 review: The Door. Worse, however, is that the direwolves have been so poorly used---they're the animal equivalent of Barristan Selmy, just utterly underutilized by HBO. Summer, Bran's direwolf, is now the fourth of the Stark pups to die on the show, and the second to die this season. In the books, Varys isn't anywhere near Meereen, so I'm still getting used to him being here. Recaps from The A.V. All of the elements seemed to pull together: Tormund and Brienne are great comedy, Sansa and Littlefinger is an effective dramatic scene, and Bran’s whole segment makes all the time spent in the tree worthwhile. In Meereen, Tyrion is still doing what he does best: Talking and drinking and knowing things. The thing about Eddard Stark is that he was an honorable, admirable fool. Sansa in Castle Black? The fact that the zombies come from all sides, streaming in from above and continuing the attack by coming at the fleeing humans from all sides—including scuttling across the vines at the top of the tunnel—makes it even more terrifying. They'll ride to White Harbor. Find out what critics are saying about the penultimate episode of Game... Current TV Shows By Metascore By User Score. Game of Thrones: Season 6 Episode 5 Preview . I always thought this was a bit of a stretch, and that while the R+L = J theory was obviously true, the R+L = J & M theory was far-fetched. Many of the biggest and most terrible events---Ned's beheading or the Red Wedding or the wickedness of Ramsay Snow---were in the first five of George R.R. We even see it, and laugh about it, in tonight's episode when Meera Reed talks about food and Hodor responds with..."Hodor.". Howland takes Meera back with him to the swamps and claims her as his own. He tells them he'll go to Dany with a fleet and together with the Mother of Dragons they'll rule the world. Poor Arya, watching her idiot father's head get lopped off for a second time. That's sort of an odd favor, though, since we can assume Littlefinger wants Jon and Sansa to use his army from the Vale. I've never much cared for the theory that Meera Reed is, in fact, Jon Snow's twin. First let me say this: Sansa is so much more awesome than she used to be. In any case, we cut from this scene to a close up of one of the male actor's private parts. This was touching and tragic and powerful. No episode this season has been as brilliant as the fifth episode of the season, The Door, both in terms of sheer technical prowess, but also in terms of being one of the most emotional gut-punches of any television show ever. So Yara and Theon escape while Euron is being drowned (yeah, in most places it's "crowned" but they heard it wrong in the Iron Islands and so the rhyme stuck.) To my shame, Hodor was always something of a joke. His weakness. Hodor has been utterly transformed for me, and we've learned something big and important about the origin of the White Walkers. Game Of Thrones' latest is a brilliant, emotionally gut-wrenching episode, perhaps among the best of the whole series... For all the criticism David Benioff and D.B. "The Door" is the fifth episode of the sixth season of HBO's fantasy television series Game of Thrones, and the 55th overall. We won't linger long. Skip to below if you want to avoid that. All told, a brilliant hour of television and I can't wait for next week. Game of Thrones Review: The Door — Season 6 Episode 5 — answers some major questions in an eventful episode. An interesting theory about Bran and the Three-Eyed Raven has come to my attention. Then, in other areas the show seems so entirely and utterly divorced from Martin's work. So naturally he turns to the church. It's the story of King Robert's death, and the beheading of Eddard Stark. Truly moved and a little flabbergasted, to boot. Suffice to say, like most weapons of tremendous power, the White Walkers were more than the Children of the Forest could handle. ATTENTION: SOME OF THE QUOTES BELOW CONTAIN SPOILERS. Later, Brienne asks her why she lied, and Sansa doesn't answer. Tasked with assassinating an actress, Arya is sent by Jaqen H'ghar to a play. It wasn't until this season when, a few episodes back, we see in one of Bran's visions that Hodor was not always Hodor. Granted, there are some interesting clues to suggest this. In any case, Sansa meets with Littlefinger in Mole's Town and basically tells him that he's a lying sack of cow dung. I'm glad it came before that actually, as it would have been entirely overshadowed. Here Arya Stark is still training, still getting the living daylights beat out of her by the older girl, still on track to become a Faceless Man (Girl?) The Red Lady, Podrick Payne, Davos Seaworth, Tormund Giantsbane (who is still making hilariously wonderful eyes at Brienne of Tarth.) Game of Thrones: Season 6 Episode 5 Preview. His whole entire life was fated for this one moment, for him to hold the door against an unspeakable evil, to save a boy and a girl. I was in tears, and I know that I wasn’t alone. This review contains spoilers. Let's stay here in the frozen wastes beyond the Wall for a while. Ha. She had no perspective into any of it. Weiss have endured during their time at the helm of Game Of Thrones, they’re capable of bringing brilliance to the screen. Perhaps his family up in the North will side with Jon and Sansa, too. He's more disturbed when he discovers that she knows his story, his deepest secrets, the tale of his loss of manhood at the hands of his master. No doubt the offer would be tempting, since an army from the Vale---the one kingdom untouched by war at this point, other than Dorne---would tip the scales in their favor against the Boltons. I left out another pretty big, serious, important death from last night, and I think it's because I was still in denial as I was penning this review. Here Euron Greyjoy wins the Kingsmoot, much to the chagrin of his niece and nephew Yara and Theon. The idea is that Meera and Jon were both born to Lyanna Stark in the Tower of Joy when Ned finds them. Hodor isn't just a big dumb giant of a man, he's a hero. But this came as a huge surprise to me. Yara finds her … Is it really the weapon that matters, or is it the hand that wields it? Tyrion meets with a red priestess. He confronts the priestess about Stannis, mucking up Tyrion's diplomatic efforts with a pretty hostile challenge to the woman. After all, he only agreed to spy on her before he knew her, before he loved her. Varys seems truly disturbed by the woman. It … Dragonglass or no, these guys are a legitimate threat, and this might be the first time since Hardhome that we see just how the numbers favor the dead. The whole of the Bran scenes, from his unauthorized warging into the middle of a field of wights to his being touched by the Winter King, is just incredible stuff. Arya looks perturbed watching the play make fun of him, but I wonder if a part of her understands her father's mistakes.