I have a round body flowerhorn and regular flowerhorn they keep laying eggs but nothing has ever hatched what are good eggs and what are bad eggs. He's probably exhausted. Ah yeah, my female fish had a nice flower line and full red colour hoping one of the fry will be like that. You can leave the eggs with the parents but just know that there is a risk of them eating the eggs. Just curious because I want to try get a bigger hump out of my male fish. 2. Take out the divider so the male can fertilize it all. Perhaps the excessive amount of fungus resulted in this, I'm not too sure. Females tube just dropped again this morning, was coming on to update my post so I can keep track on how I go but didn't see this reply! Thought it'd be better if it were to be bigger. This is the 3rd time my female laid eggs the 2 batch of eggs she laid before were infertile, the 1st time when the female laid eggs i had no male in the tank the eggs were infertile and she ate the eggs. He may have been a beautiful fish but I wish that his kok would've been smaller. Good day, My parrot fish has laid eggs and the eggs hatched ... Is this Dropsy or is femal Betta Fish full of eggs? Should I rest him for a bit though? I don’t want to wait until 5 I … Monsterfishkeepers.com, a division of Monster Aquaria Network, LLC. Crossing Flowerhorns? Just because you have a divider between the male and female, she will still lay her eggs. Using her mothering instinct, the female does everything needed to care for the eggs. Ah yeah, my female fish had a nice flower line and full red colour hoping one of the fry will be like that. Let the male, female or both breeders take care of the eggs. How to Prevent the Female Flowerhorn from Devouring Her Own Fry: Why Does My Female Betta Eat The Eggs And The Male Will Not Fetch the Eggs? Parrot fish eggs will take how many days to hatch? After the female has laid eggs, pull out the female and transfer her to a different tank. Flowerhorn, Blood Parrots and Other Hybrids. If you’re on are we able to have our female lay eggs and then leave it until tomorrow morning to pair with the male? Most experienced breeders remove and incubate flowerhorn eggs artificially. Eggs also need humidity in order for them to hatch. Regarding this behavior, breeders should know when the female gets ready to breed. Infertile eggs quickly develop an opaque white fungus, and fertile ones are translucent. It requires in-depth knowledge of the ideal water parameters to achieve a high hatching rate. My male's Hump is about that size. 7/7/05 We have an A-quality female Flowerhorn that started laying eggs without any encouragement. She has no problems eating or swimming and rarely injures herself unless startled. Dad is awake now but told me to sleep but I’m worried. Use methylene blue to prevent fungi growth. Feed the female enough food and keep her full until the day you separate her from the fry. Is he fertile? Use methylene blue to prevent fungi growth. Female flowerhorn can lay eggs at 3" in size. It's the female that'll need a good 2-3 week break before trying again. Flowerhorns normally take about 1 hour for laying eggs and spawning. I had flower horn that layed eggs idont know how to take care of the eggs. Unfortunately, eggs might not have made it. He's awesome. Eggs will come out of the tube about 10 to 20 eggs at a time. Flowerhorn female's first litter! All the eggs are almost white now. His daughter here "Big Bertha" also has a massive kok but, only for a female, otherwise if she was a male it would be perfect size imo. Hence, most of louhan are put in an aquarium alone without a partner or even ornaments. Most of the eggs nearest the slot will be fertilized, which will be plenty enough to raise. All Rights Reserved. About 100 are still translucent. I've got a full-masked Kamfa female I can breed with my SRD if it doesn't go according to plan. They female lays her eggs and then the makes will fertilize them. We also have a mature, good quality male Midas. My flowerhorn is laying eggs?!?!? If you keep them physically together there will be fighting and damage, even in the best of pairs. JavaScript is disabled. I'd prefer to allow parents to take care of the eggs but my dad wanted us to try see if the male was fertile first before allowing them. I’ll keep you updated on how it goes. If you’re on are we able to have our female lay eggs and then leave it until tomorrow morning to pair with the male? Reduce the aquarium light brightness. We know the breeding process is a rough one but were getting conflicting info from folks ³in the know. Personally I wouldn't focus on kok growth as a big kok will start to cause problems when it comes to feeding and swimming. ... which is the eggs are released by the female then the male fertilizes it outside. Came back on after a while, he's a real beauty. Do aquatic snails die after laying eggs? I’ve got a nice full masked female Kamfa that should lay in a couple weeks. The first time the female ate the eggs and the other 2 were because the male didn't fertilize them.