Click here for the Explore Scientific ED80 Essential Series Air-Spaced Triplet Refractor with Unlimited Lifetime Warranty, for high definition astronomical observations! I would like The Good, the Bad and … You also need this for the 2.5" HEX Focuser ES Adapter for FFFR507X-00 to 2.5" Hex Focuser - 510366, Another $80 Bucks.. However, I eventually … Explore Scientific ED80 Review. Explore Scientific Air-Spaced Apochromatic Triplets have true APO optic and are diffraction limited at .25PV or better. I am looking for comments about the Explore Scientific FCD100 Series 127mm f/7.5 Aluminum Air-Spaced Triplet ED APO Refractor with 2.5" HEX Focuser. Specifications of the Explore Scientific Triplet ED APO 127mm f/7.5 Refractor Telescope Aperture: 127mm Focal length: 952mm With and Without the ES 3" Field Flattener/0.7x Focal Reducer. The Explore Scientific ED102 Essential Series Air-Spaced Triplet APO Refractor Telescope is a true apochromat refractor that reveals our Moon’s stark chiseled craters, Jupiter’s orderly cloud belts and the blue-white stars of the Orion Nebula popping against the complex misty cloud they call home. The Explore Scientific is a 127mm/5″ f/7.5 triplet with the center ED lens element being the slightly less desireable FPL-51 Hoya glass. The Sky-Watcher Pro 120ED is known to be a great performer with wonderful color correction, especially for a doublet, and comes with some nice accessories such as a 2″ diagonal, 9×50 RACI finder, and a metal case. The Explore Scientific ED80 was recommended to me by a friend I met on an online astrophotography forum. (866) 252-3811 The Explore ED102 telescope comes with a white aluminum tube with black accents. He had recently posted another exquisite photograph using the ED80, that showcased the incredible imaging capabilities of this triplet APO. The Explore Scientific ED APO 127mm f/7.5 Essential sports the new hybrid Rack and Pinion/Crayford Focusers from Explore featuring a dual focus locking system and a 10:1 dual speed focus control.