If you don’t see the exact tool you are looking for in the list below, give us a call. $146.77. That will allow enough space to insert the differential pinion shaft, orienting it as was shown at removal in Fig. Set Up Bearing YT SB-NP504493. DANA 60 HONED BEARINGS SET UP BEARINGS DIFFERENTIAL TOOLS DUMMY BEARINGS, bearing, set up, set, up, removable, install, mik, bsk, d60-, d60-bsk, d60-bsk-Description: These bearings are perfect for the master installer or the first timer. Bearing pullers, dial indicators, brass punches, spanner wrenches...all of these specialty tools are required to swap ring and pinion gears and get them set up … Aside from the tools needed to assemble and disassemble a rearend, a good mechanic needs the right tools for making accurate measurements. $115.65. 22. yukon tools Setting up a differential involves a lot of measuring, disassembly, reassembly, adjusting, and remeasuring. Set Up Bearing YT SB-NP516549. 8. I have the tools to replace the pinion bearings and check preload, but I don't really want to mess with a full differential setup. Chrysler 7.25" 8.25"/9.25" Side Adjuster Tool. Richmond Excel Differential Clamshell Bearing Puller Tool. 41. Differential Repair Tools West Coast Differentials has a wide selection of Differential Repair Tools & Installation Tools available for the DIY rebuilder or professional shop. I'm a decent home mechanic but I haven't done differential setup, I've just had them apart for axle shafts and semi float wheel bearings. Differential Installation and Setup. $61.94. $599.95 $394.95. ... 01 & Up Chrysler 9.25" Pinion Set Up Bearing. Once in flush to the case, the differential pinion shaft lock pin can be installed with a drop of red Loctite thread locker and tightened to 15-30 lbs-ft. of torque, as in Fig. Every Sierra Gear & Axle differential installation kit comes with a printed installation and setup guide. $118.27. Differential Installation Instructions including Tool List, Disassembly, Inspection, Assembly, and more from the experts at West Coast Differentials Skip to content Call: (800) 510-0950 Bearing Puller w/ Large/Small Clamshells. These differential installation instructions are provided online as a further convenience to the differential installer. Differential tools are necessary for anyone working with ring and pinion setups, whether it is an experienced professional or the DIY enthusiast. $420.00.