And this 6715D Wasabi Black Deba Knife also has several kinds of features that will impress you. Mostly, one knife can do one thing only. Both a santoku and a chef’s knife … Elliott Bell. It has a flexible profile that is wide enough at … Mainly, these two knives have the versatility to do every significant task. The santoku knife cannot be used to peel vegetables or fruits and also cannot be used to cut bones and bread. Q: What is size santoku knife best? Firstly, we will discuss the similarities between the Gyuto and the Santoku knife. The ideal blade size for a santoku knife… The mioroshi deba is a specialized knife that can be used both as a deba and as a yanagi knife. These are two of the most popular kitchen knives, and in a head-to-head competition, they each have different strengths. Santoku Knife Vs Gyuto: Similarities. Go To Santoku knives. The construction of the knife is very traditional. For example, the Deba knife … Chef's Knife: Comparing the 2 Popular Kitchen Knives. BUNKA (Multi-Purpose) With its typical functionality, the Bunka Bano-Bocho design is intended for versatile use in Western cuisine. Oct 10, 2019. This style of knife is much thinner and more brittle than the standard deba, and … Santoku vs. You can learn more about Best Gyuto Knife from another blog. It’s made in Seki, Japan. The 6-inch blade … A: There are mini santoku knives which measure exactly five inches.