This is a must try… and just in time for the holidays! Remove from the heat and add Cheddar cheese. So they are a good offering if you have family and friends who are vegetarian. Shake the slow cooker a bit (do not stir!) Stir until cheese has melted, placing it back on the heat briefly if necessary, being careful the mixture doesn't scorch. My mom taught me an easy little trick that speeds up the cooking of the potatoes and has them ready on time every time! This recipe uses a method that will show you how to make this cheesy goodness in about half of the time of traditional scalloped potatoes recipe!. Cheesy Scalloped potatoes are the perfect comfort food… creamy, rich and cheesy; but they always take so long to cook! These cream cheese scalloped potatoes are a no-brainer, though. hehe. Pour cheese sauce over the potatoes. Funeral Potatoes; Buttered Parsley Potatoes; Southwestern Twice … Cover and cook on LOW for 8-10 hours. Not anymore! crockpot scalloped potatoes. to allow cheese sauce to reach all the way to the bottom. Oh, and they’re ridiculously delicious – total cheesy potato perfection. Mmmmmm. More potato recipes! They go well with turkey or ham, and they are more substantial than mashed potatoes,. I made this Slow Cooker Scalloped Potatoes recipe couple weeks ago, and since then, I get requests from the whole family at least once a week for “cheesy potatoes.” There are hardly any leftovers, but when there are, I love to top a scoop of these potatoes with a over-easy egg for a fun breakfast. While many scalloped potato dishes I’ve tried are swimming in a greasy, thin sauce that’s 99% heavy cream yet mysteriously bland (I’m still not sure how this is possible, but it’s true), the sauce for these Slow Cooker Scalloped Potatoes is rich, cheesy, and packs real pizzazz from the use of fresh garlic, nutmeg, and dreamy white cheddar. If you absolutely cannot or would rather not bake them (which is how I think they taste best), you can layer the scalloped potatoes in a greased slow cooker in the same manner as directed for this recipe. Creamy, rich, and cheesy, it makes the humble potato into something indulgent enough to work at your holiday table or on your average weeknight.