Jez Enterprises offers professional assembly and installation of all products purchased from ClosetMaid. Interested in having your products assembled and installed? Top shelf and fixed double hang shelf 8. We are offering installation services in several locations through a company who has been doing assembly and installation for consumers for over 35 years: Jez Enterprises. Poles Shelf pins and adjustable shelves 10. Install all adjustable shelves… The TotalSlide Pro Hang Rod Assembly is specifically designed to install on ClosetMaid 12” and 16” All-Purpose (SuperSlide/Linen) Shelving as well as Heavy Duty Shelving We suggest you install the Hang Rod Assembly on the shelf at the warehouse prior to transporting for installation (per instruction in TotalSlide Pro Installation … Install the top shelf and any shelves between upper and lower double hanging. Install upright closet panels, ensuring each panel is level to the top of the shelf tower.