In the United States, a felony is one of the most serious crimes for which a person can be charged. Class 2 felonies still can be violent, such as aggravated assault with a deadly weapon or manslaughter while intoxicated. At trial, it can be inferred that a person who possesses a firearm with knowledge that its serial number has been removed or altered has knowledge that the firearm is stolen or converted. § 13-701.) Examples of Class 2 Felony offenses in … For example, a class B felony is the same as a class 2 felony. These crimes are considered more serious in the eyes of the court system than lesser crimes, which are known as misdemeanors. Contact our law office at (630) 261-9098 to speak with a top Illinois defense lawyer and schedule your consultation, today. Receive permits or licensees necessary to hold some occupations, … Criminal use of a chemical weapon or biological weapon in the second degree. Class 1 is the most serious classification, which can result in a minimum life sentence in prison, and a maximum penalty of death. (Ariz. Rev. A Class 2 felony is not an offense unto itself; nobody gets charged with a class two felony. Stat. Felony crimes are serious crimes that include burglary and murder. Probation is also available. Class 3 Felonies. More specifically, Illinois law provides the following consequences for a Class 2 felony: It is important to note that all convictions, whether felony or misdemeanor, will remain on your criminal record unless you are pardoned or get the charge expunged. Sentencing is also affected by other circumstances, such as if it is a first time offense or not. Class 2 – A Class 2 felony allows for a minimum sentence in the Department of Corrections of three years. The DuPage/Chicago Criminal Lawyers at Dolci & Weiland provide dedicated, aggressive legal representation. The punishment for these crimes can vary greatly. After a felony is established, it is further classified by giving it a corresponding number or letter. class 2 felony sentence may include life imprisonment or a minimum of 20 years and payment of a fine of up to $100,000. The standard sentence range for a Class 2 felony is four to 10 years in prison, with a presumptive sentence of five years. Penalties for committing a class 2 felony are based on factors such as the severity of the crime, the defendant's previous prison record and intent. The punishment for this type of felony is equally far ranging, often resulting in prison time and a large fine. Some of the crimes classified as a Class 2 felony include: Second-degree murder (not including “heat of passion” killings) Sexual assault if deadly weapons are used, if the victim suffers serious bodily injury, and/or if another person physically aided the defendant A prosecution for any homicide, any conspiracy to commit homicide that results in the death of a person, any offense that is listed in chapter 14 or 35.1 of this title and that is a class 2 felony, any violent sexual assault pursuant to section 13-1423, any violation of section 13-2308.01 or 13-2308.03, any misuse of public monies or a felony involving falsification of public records or any attempt to commit an offense … A class 2 felony usually is the second most serious type of felony, behind a class 1. Stat. The first class is reserved for violent crimes, such as murder. Dolci & Weiland lawyers are former prosecutors with 50 years of experience trying criminal cases. Felony 2 charges are one of the most serious types of criminal charges under any federal or state law because they are known to carry very severe penalties. Thank you for contacting us. What Are the Different Felony Punishments? What is a Class 2 Felony: Felony offenses are classified by the amount of punishment that a person can receive if convicted. The punishment for this type of felony is equally far ranging, often resulting in prison time and a large fine. A person who, in committing a domestic battery, strangles another individual commits aggravated domestic battery. My child's father is facing five years for a class 2 felony. Class 2 Felony Offenses in Illinois Many crimes in Illinois can be charged as a Class 2 Felony. In addition, a nonviolent crime such as possession of large amounts of marijuana, human trafficking, arson, robbery and even bigamy often is considered to be this type of crime.