A German national guideline on the diagnosis and treatment of this condition is lacking at present. The effects of carbon monoxide poisoning have been found to be greatly alleviated, or in some cases eliminated, through the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. It is invisible and colorless. You’ll be given an oxygen mask to breathe through to provide pure oxygen. Background: The symptoms of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning are nonspecific, ranging from dizziness and headache to unconsciousness and death. What is carbon monoxide poisoning? Hospital treatment for carbon monoxide poisoning includes breathing pure oxygen through a mask and, in extreme cases, the use of a ventilator. They sound an alarm if they detect carbon monoxide, so you can leave the house. Blood tests are used to determine the amount of carbon monoxide in blood. Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning happens when you breathe in fumes that contain CO. You can get very sick or even die if you breathe high levels of CO for even a few minutes. This will offset the carbon monoxide buildup. What is carbon monoxide? This paper discusses the pathophysiology of carbon monoxide intoxication and presents an overview of its treatment. Perhaps the best way to protect yourself against carbon monoxide poisoning is to purchase and install carbon monoxide detectors in your house. Carbon monoxide has a computed fractional bond order of 2.6, indicating that the "third" bond is important but constitutes somewhat less than a full bond. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Diagnosis and Treatment. Carbon monoxide (CO) is a gas produced when gasoline and other fuels burn. Install carbon monoxide detectors. The lack of oxygen reaching the brain due to carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to a number of symptoms, including the visual and auditory hallucinations behind some lifelike paranormal experiences. Carbon monoxide detectors are required to sound an alarm when CO concentrations in the air are greater than 100 ppm as continued exposure to carbon monoxide can cause permanent brain, nerve, or heart damage. How is carbon monoxide poisoning treated? Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Treatment High concentrations of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere can kill a human being in a matter of minutes. If you suspect you have been exposed to carbon monoxide, or you have carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms, call 911 or get to an emergency room as soon as possible. Thus, in valence bond terms, – C≡O + is the most important structure, while :C=O is non-octet, but has a neutral formal charge on each atom and represents the second most important resonance contributor.