Eastern Bluebirds fit comfortably through a 1-1/2" entrance hole. Bluebirds can be wary and may take a few seasons to become accustomed to a house and choose it for a nesting site. Feb 9, 2016 - Free bluebird house plans with video instruction. Make the habitat more attractive to bluebirds with a nearby birdbath large enough to accommodate several guests. I used a small woodworking square to align the pivot points for hinge directly across each other. The bluebird house plans (below) show how the pieces fit together. The best dimensions for bluebird houses are: Entrance Hole: 1.5 inches (1.56 inches for mountain bluebirds) Entrance Height: 6 to 10 inches above the house floor Then, create the hinged side by driving one nail or screw one through the back (part B) to form a pivot point. This is the fixed side while the other side is hinged to allow access to the finished nest box for periodic cleaning. Most of the pieces can be cut from a piece of 1x6 lumber (5-1/2" wide), however the oversized roof needs a … Answer: The Audubon Society recommends facing the nest box towards the east whenever possible, though bluebirds will move into birdhouses that face in other directions. The bluebirds visiting in our yard often perch on a tall garden post and on the roof the nest box, then swoop across the yard to snatch a flying insect from the air. If you're building a nest box for western or mountain bluebirds, the entrance hole should be increased to 1-9/16" in diameter. If the front piece is a bit too long, mark and cut the bottom of the front so that its bottom edge is flush with the bottom edges of the sides. Bluebirds are highly desirable backyard residents with their attractive plumage, insectivorous diets, and melodious songs. My Mountain bluebirds need a slightly larger interior and entry hole. If no bluebirds are showing an interest in your house, there are several steps you can take to encourage them to take up residence. In both cases, the nest boxes are positioned on the edge of a wooded area, are not within sight of each other, and face towards an open field. Question: Will the bluebird be more attracted to a colorfully painted house or natural wood and how many times a year and when will they lay and hatch eggs? Once a house is mounted, it should be inspected regularly but can be left out year-round for roosting birds. They should be set out by February 15. utmost importance. While it may take some time before bluebirds begin to use a specific house, they can be loyal residents and will return year after year to raise new families in the same birdhouse. Answer: I use oil-based stains and latex paint (thinned with water) to seal and color the exterior of many of my pine birdhouses. The wood quickly takes on a silvery-gray patina, and the birdhouse will last for several years. If more than one house is to be used, they should be positioned roughly 100 yards/92 meters apart to give birds adequate space to feel secure. They will nest in backyard houses as well, provided there is sufficient open space for foraging and nearby perches to use. Using the right dimensions for your bird house is a good start to attract certain species, but … There are three species of bluebirds in North America: the Eastern, the Western, and the Mountain Bluebirds. Western Bluebirds will use either size, though some bird watchers report a higher success rate when using the 1-9/16" diameter entrance hole to the nesting box. Predators such as raccoons and squirrels have easier access to the box. Cut a pine, cedar, or redwood board into the following parts: This basic nest box is easy to build.