Took it out on a breezy afternoon and the lower profile does a better job cutting the wind. It looks great and functions as good as it looks. Thanks again. I’m also impressed by its form and clarity. I definitely prefer the tinted look and the 9 inch shield which does not make me sacrifice anything in the way of increased wind vs. the stock 14 inch shield. –  If you have a tall windshield on your bike, you can place a piece of Blue Painters Masking Tape on your windshield with the top edge of the tape at different heights and take a short ride to get settled into your normal riding position. It was like looking through a glass of water. Thank you. The AirCurve is substantially thicker than the stock unit. Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic Motorcycle Windshields. Great service from ordering to follow up. Linking Arm Fork Mount. I cannot thank you enough for making a product as superior as the Freedom Shield. He asked what I had done – told him about Freedom Shields – he was impressed enough with the fit and finish he is going to call to become a distributor. And now it’s still fitting on my nose. I would highly recommend this shield to any rider…bottom line, it works. The Street Glide comes with the short (3 ½ inch windshield).That windshield was awful and provided no protection at all against the wind in Texas. You don’t have to worry about flexing it while working on those hard to remove bugs. The shield arrived promptly and was packed very securely. It is true that even the wind feels less at higher speeds. Review By: Ed – Edmonton, AB Canada, I just returned yesterday. Take your time . . The follow up is just the icing on the cake! That kind of customer service is rare and I appreciate it. The light Grey is awesome, and thanks again for suggesting that. Review By: Jeff – Lakeville, MN, et me start off by saying the quality of your shield is the best. Your windshield will come with a protective plastic film applied to both sides of the windshield. I stand 5 foot 8 inches and determined that the 7 inch Dark Grey tint was the one for me. Even in a cross-wind the shield performs much better than my stock shield ever did. Great job and keep up the great quality work. Review By: Pedro – Portugal, Hey John, I received the shield yesterday and unpacked it last night and tried it on my bike and I loved it. The quality is the best I’ve seen in replacement windshields or factory shields for that matter. The Freedom shield delivered. Trucks passing me head on at 70mph had dramatically less effect on stability. There is also less turbulence and more stability at highway speeds than with the stock shield. Harley 3” Windshield Dark Tint - / Street Glide / Tri-Glide / 1996 - 2013 (Fits: Harley-Davidson Tri Glide) We find it very quiet, with minimal turbulence or buffeting, and it’s easy to talk to each other in a normal voice on the road. I love the design, the dark tint is exactly what I was looking for as far as tint and looks. I am 5′ 9″ and it is working excellent for me. It really enhances the classic look of the bike. Then I bought a 2015 that had a stock windshield it didn’t take me very long to decide that I wanted to purchase another one after all the bugs I was getting on my helmet. I was very skeptic that this little extra curve on the windshield would make a difference, but it sure did! I like the Freedom Shield for all aspects of it – function, quality, clarity, appearance and value. Almost wish I would have gotten the 9 inch! Get free shipping, 4% cashback and 10% off select brands with a Gold Club membership, plus free everyday tech support on aftermarket Harley-Davidson Tri Glide Windshields & … Looks, quality and ride results made me glad I chose your product.I saw it on a bike at a local gas station and the guy told me of your web site and how he was happy with his. Review By: James – Mckinney, TX, John, received the windshield on Wednesday at my hotel (THANKS!). It has been a few months since my 4300 mile Sturgis trip but I wanted to share a couple pictures of the windshield. I received the shield on Friday July 1, fit perfect and the 6″ looks great on the bike. Great design and very high quality at a very fair price. © 2020 All Rights Reserved, ELECTRA GLIDE CLASSIC® / STANDARD® Windshields, ULTRA CLASSIC® / ULTRA LIMITED® / CVO Windshields, INDIAN CHIEFTAIN / ROADMASTER Windshields. There’s some brownie points for ya’!!! I’ll probably have to order another one now for my other dresser! The Freedom Shield knocks the wind down and just flat out, looks great! Review By: John – Bradenton, FL, I bought a Harley-Davidson Street Glide in March of 2011. I live 45 miles from work and rode it to work last night and then home this morning. My neighbor saw the shield and seemed interested in getting one after I let him borrow mine. I also like the stiffness of it when cleaning it. The online order form will not accept Canadian postal codes but not a problem. It fit great, and made a huge difference without any wind buffeting, or noise. You will have my business as long as I’m able to ride. Review By: Glenn – Opelika, AL, Just received the Freedom Shield and put it on the bike. • Rain-X safe. Thank you, Chad I became very conscious of air flow and noise while riding a Road Glide FLHTRX for 2 weeks – this is the model with effectively no windshield (just a little stub that doesn’t even rise above the radio mount). You make a far superior shield than the stock one I replaced. I am very satisfied. LOL! This shield is my new “long distance” shield…. The pricing is a little higher than the mass produced brands, less than HD and half of the “space shields”. It was in my hands in a week. Review By: Travis – Regina, SK Canada, I went ahead and ordered a 8″ light gray tinted windshield from Freedom Shields. I ran across several websites that sold after market shields including This is the movement you get out of the front end in dirty/turbulent air, like when you are behind a semi at speed. Next noticeable improvement was when on the interstate and passing huge tractor trailers I didn’t have as much turbulence as normal. I just had the most relaxing hour and a half ride I have probably ever had!! As several reviews stated, it does push the wind up over you. The bags stand off the windshield about ¼ inch, and that’s a beautiful thing. You apparently run your business with the same motto I do: Take care of your customers…or someone else will! So far this is the way all accessory shopping should go. Before I had a lot of buffeting at a big range of speed. On another note, it seemed that my engine noise was louder than it normally is with the Harley windshield and I finally deduced that the new windshield had better acoustics in the bubble behind the fairing and less wind noise meant I could hear other things better. The workmanship is precise and the finish is superb! Blasting my face and a noise so loud in my ears I couldn’t hear the radio… I was very happy to get behind my previous shield as I picked up my bike from service. I especially like the extra thickness as compared to the stock windshield. Thank you for a fine product, and if I can send some business your way, consider it done. See “Choosing a Size” below to help with choosing the correct size windshield. This shield is my new “long distance” shield…I may have to order one an inch or two shorter for those around-town excursions. I will be recommending you to all my friends. As for the performance of the windshield. The base of the shield extends out about 3″ wider on each side over the inner fairing and stays about 2″ wider on each side going up the sides. Review By: Rick – Lynwood, WA, I am very happy with this product to say the least.