Best Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphones, No Milab ?? Maximum SPL is 136 dB with the 10-dB pad engaged, self noise is 16 dBA, and S/N is 78 dB. Neumann KM 184. but the list is about most discussed right? We can all think of our favorite mics that aren't on this list, but I'd use anyone of these with great enthusiasm. If you want to mic your hi-hat individual, you can use a good small diaphragm condenser microphone to get the job done. I have a matched pair. Behringer B-1. It’s also the most affordable of our Neumann trio, which doesn’t mean it can be called an affordable mic but it is certainly worth every penny, and is happily found as a workhorse in music and voiceover studios the world over. If you're going to put a Shure on the list, I would have thought the 44 was the "sure" bet. For about $60 (last time i had one done), you get a great pair that you'll never outgrow. It also has a wide dynamic range since it comes with a FET preamp giving transformerless output. The Neumann KM 184 is the successor to one of the most beloved small-diaphragm condenser microphones in history, the KM 84. U-195 on the list, but not the U99, that's insane. They're much much better than the Peluso CEMC6's. It has like 3 of the "Big 5" on there. Well, in my case it's VO, so often solo spoken word with quite some compression. Roswell Delphos II is far and above the Warm. Peluso CEMC6s......... no doubt about it! My favorite on everything stringed. The Audio-Technica AT5045 features a unique rectangular diaphragm, unlike the circular diaphragms in most condenser microphones. My thread from a week or two ago searching for the best studio monitors for $1,000 was a huge help in eventually making my decision on a pair of Adam A7s. I second the old 451's. I'm a sucker for Oktava MK012. Read on to learn about the best small-diaphragm condenser microphones for acoustic guitar. I'm not even sure you can "technically" call the 32 a large cap as the capsule is closer in size to a small cap. I'm shocked there is no C12 or 251 to speak of. I now turn to you again, Gearslutz, to help me with my next microphone purchase. There are a bunch of capsules for that one, the entire Oktava line of caps as well as the RTT/Lomo and the RED. I do fear I sound awfully condescending by saying that, but I'm trying to give a perspective you may not have. The omni version, the 4049 ain't bad either. I will also list some which aren’t labeled as matched but that should work perfectly if you purchase two. I have not noticed any hiss in mine ? the vstam audio staff are in same league as the neumanns. A pair of used C451's w/ CK1 capsules (cardiod) are excellent mics that you will always keep. I do love the AKG C451s. I certainly agree with whomever mentioned Manley as a most worthy microphone. I'd like to hear the Beyer's. It’s well built and feels sturdy to handle. Click for New and Used prices, user Reviews, more Info & Discussions. In this post I will list some of the best budget “matched pair or stereo pair” small diaphragm condenser microphones out there which will allow you to record music at a top-notch level without spending too much. My favorite overheads and also good on acoustic guitar too! Kick and Floor Tom Quite a step up in regards to smoothness, detail and stereo image. However… It never takes long for newbies to realize usefulness and versatility of these mics. It comes with a multi-purpose small diaphragm, making it really good for close-up recordings. As one might expect, the WA-47 comes with the highly inviting Warm Audio price tag, so there is no reason not to try it. Just bought the CV-12 BLA !! This microphone only sells as a matched pair. That’s unusual I believe . Ah I see. A fine mic I'm sure, but though I've never used, I'd bet a week's pay there are many other better mics, given price is not a consideration on this list. One of these things is not like the others. We quickly learn what works and sounds good on a wide range of applications and we learn quickly what mics don't fail when we plug them in. The Vanguard V13, Telefunken Copperhead, and Mojave MA200 are (in my opinion) all superior. Neumann revives one of its most successful mics ever with the U67 Collectors Edition, bringing back the highly desired tube LDC present on so many of our favourite records. The mic case usually has a pencil shape, and it’s “top-address” (primary sound pickup is on top). I wonder how they make these lists... Why no Pearlman TM1 ? I would second the AT4051 as a quality all-round SDC. Oh well I'm at least glad the list was updated, though not dating the damn thing was sneaky. Best of all, it does so without the often insanely high and mostly prohibitive price tags usually associated with mics of this calibre. This is the U87 Ai - largely based on the insanely popular U67 and U87, this is essentially a contemporary version of those classic mics and realised with the same design principles to truly honour its heritage, with three polar patterns (omni, cardioid, bi-directional/figure-8) and a signature sound quality present on countless hit records from past to present. I use them all the time. I did think it was very dicey to put the WA-47 on here. The SE Electronics sE4 Condenser Microphone has been designed to carry on the legacy of the coveted and highly respected sE3 microphone, yet includes a completely re-engineered chassis that allows you to interchange different capsules..