Agamemnon, a Battleship for Imperial Navy. Increased price because of this. Spear of Khaine (Replaces Balefull Gaze light cruiser) Yes, several new titans, including demonic ships. But if it does, it can cripple other Titans in just a few blasts or blow up even cruiser with one shot. I enjoy your mod play multiple times for this games. It has lots of weapons, high armorlevel, and the Hellfire beam cannon special weapon - meaning that its a very capable Heavy ship hunter that can strike, and then retreat. Its faster than other Space Marince Battle Barges and sports heavy weaponry and assualt capablities. It rebalances the game and makes for several times larger battles by both lowering shipcosts and increasing the amount of points available for both fleets and battles.Fleet sizes grow with levels just as in the original game, but to much greater sizes. Its higly recommended that you start a new campaign even with changes of modversion. This has made them into a very dangerous foe. It rebalances morale, but increasing the rate at which morale regenerates, and several morale related effects. But their ships cost alot more now than any other faction. Flame of Asuryan (Replaces the Starfall/Dragonship IV Cruiser) Their ships are very fast, but weak with low armor. The Emperor protects. If you like the mod, leave a comment. "Good" I hear your inner Necron Overlord say, "more chattle to strike down." Important information: 4,4500,700,900,3,BATTLECRUISER,2,2,2 This is a behemoth, massive, slow, but with more weapons and range than the standard Cairn. They are the OP faction that others should fear. *All factions have gotten a 25% health increase. This version of the Skalgrim mod includes several new ships, balancing and further work on the original mod. They are best at destroying the enemies of mankind with highly specialized warfare and brutal close quarter battles. Currently updating to beta branch, will let you know. *Install and use mods as usual per installation instructions. You can do it all now. An ongoing overhaul of the RTS game Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2. New Titan: Behemoth. New Titan: Anubis (Replaces the Cruiser Scythe Harrower) 3: Make a safe copy version of your gamefiles. Will keep you updated! Their eldar movement abilities have been buffed alot which makes them faster. The most important change is that the three diffrent factions now play differently in certain regards. This suicide creature dies in a powerful plasma explosion that damages shields and health, and also creates a lingering spore cloud that slows and damages enemies over time. Also with the download size the first said something about 2gigs and then changed to 9 I think that it actually undid the manual rollback. (Link is on Moddb if you want to join.) Edit: to using or not using the beta - Game updates have a tendency to break mods. Place your "BattlefleetGothic2-WindowsNoEditor.pak" file which is inside the Paks folder in the "Stock" folder. Major Admech Changes from original game: ________________________________________ Their fighters also do some bombing damage and damage over time, so are a bit more versitile than other factions fighters. New Titan: Archeo Tech Ark, This ancient wonder from the Dark Age of Technology can turn the tides of battle with long range beams, guided torpedoes and deadly unique short range weapons - but its rarity and cost make it a uncommon sight amongst the stars. Their ships are faster and in general have lots of ranged weaponry and high-damage dealing weapons for mid-range. You will always be outnumbered. New Titan: Balestar (Replaces the grand cruiser Executor) The vanilla game doesn't let you use the Monarchia Titan, well now you can. They also have constant regen on their ships as they also use Wraithbone. Best kept out of harms way. Its also VERY expensive. Certain ships, defence stations etc will otherwise keep their old stats and not be completely affected by the mods changes. __________________ All in all I have made a massive overhaul of Chaos forces, abilities and skills to broaden the choices you can make with them. Their ships are more specialized now, with certain ships excelling in certain roles instead of just being generally good at most things like in the vanilla game. They do get one new Titan atleast. It rebalances critical hits, making bigger ships more resistant to crits.