When I want to make a meat free version of something I'll look up a meat version of it and just swap out the meat with an alternative. According to Reitz, the new meat-free alternative tastes very similar to actual Italian sausage, thanks to use of seasonings also found in Italian sausage, like fennel, garlic, and paprika. You can substitute the sausage meat itself with any suitable veg that's normally used as the star of a dish, such as eggplants or firmer squashes, however if you want that sausage taste the principle flavoring spices of Italian sausage … Some manufacturers include unique combinations of fat, tripe, and meat to create a brand new sausage. Since you want the flavor of Italian sausage … Look up Italian sausage recipes. The Andouille is a sausage variant that undergoes heavy smoking.The meat used in it is typically derived from pork.However, you can always expect variations of this food.