Homemade cheese cooked with our blend of healthy greens, fresh spinach and spices and drizzled with homemade butter (makhan) and coriander. Sarson Da Saag (very Punjabi) (Lactose-free). Tandoori flat bread made from mixture of gram flour, wheat flour, onions, cumin seeds and spices drizzed with butter. Homemade cheese pieces cooked with fresh mushrooms, peas, onions and Indian spices with finely chopped coriander. Restaurant & Caterers Our menu is localized to suit the preference of our customers while maintaining authenticity of our cuisines. A spiced up yogurt-based curry known for itʼs sourness and flours of Asafoetida, pakoras, fried dumplings and deliciousness. Menu   Pieces of paneer fried in oil and cooked with curry leaves in creamy sauce. Vegetables cooked with tomatoes, onions and Indian spices, topped A thin spiced delicate roasted bread of mixed lentil flours. A must try item! Pieces of beef cooked delicately with Indian spices, onions and tomatoes. $('a_footer_signin').observe('click', function(event){ showLogin('menu'); event.stop(); }); Aahar means Nourishing food. Garnished with fresh coriander. Refreshing blend of milk, hint of sugar and rooh afza cooling herbal syrup. Delicacy of mughlai flavor with medium spicy species, includes all white Indian spices. Shop no 10, Lane no – 14, opp Tingre Garden, Tingrenagar – 411032, Monday To SundayTime : 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM, 9588610477/9423865848/866-8412054aaharfood2019@gmail.com, Good food, awesome taste…and with good and fast service…. A must try item! Basmati rice lightly fried with cumin seeds in vegetable oil. Available only at Aahar. I … Home   Basmati rice fried in cumin seeds and prepared with mixed vegetables, dry fruits. Serving two samosas, deep fried pastry shells stuffed with potatoes or minced chicken or minced beef, peas and Indian spices. A tangy lamb curry cooked with green and red chillies, curry leaves and fresh coconut. Boneless lamb pieces cooked with onion, tomato and fenugreek sauce. Homemade cheese squares filled with mint sauce, deep-fried in lightly seasoned chickpea flour and sprinkled with Indian spices. A very hot item! Pieces of boneless chicken battered, fried, then tossed in our special hot nʼspicy chilli soya and tomato sauce and sautéed vegetables. Refreshing cumin and mint flavoured spiced Indian lemonade. Homemade cheese squares cooked with fresh spinach drizzled with homemade Indian butter (makhan). $('a_footer_createaccount').observe('click', function(event){ showCreateAccount('account'); event.stop(); }); Aahar Biryani is one of the best halal restaurants in Tingre Nagar, Pune, having a specialty in Mutton and Chicken Biryani. Our speciality! Shrimps lightly battered with fresh herbs and our special spices, then deep-fried. 35564 Grand River Ave Farmington HIlls, Michigan 48335. Mildly spiced minced beef rolls skewered and broiled in tandoor. A tangy chicken curry cooked with fresh coconut, curry leaves and chillies. Jumbo shrimps marinated overnight cooked with fresh leafy spinach and hint of ginger and onion sauce. Morsels of lamb cooked with onion, tomato and Indian spices. paste with blended Indian curry spices. Homemade cheese battered in Besan, fried then cooked with sautéed vegetables and tossed in our special hot nʼspicy chilli sauce. Check it out. Urid lentil cooked in creamy sauce, butter with grinded onions, ginger, garlic drizzled with Indian homemade butter. … with curry leaves and green chillies. Basmati rice prepared with cumin, onions, Indian spices, chicken. Fresh leafs of spinach and sliced onions battered in chickpea flour and deep fried.